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Let there be Neon

1:01 AM

Friday, from noon-till-midnight is my favorite part of the week. There after it's all downhill till the next Friday morning. Therefore, it's safe to say I am a big 'Friday' person. 

I had a wonderful Friday night. Went to see Eat, Pray & Love. I love Julia Roberts. Love her like I love my shoes! I know it's an unusual analogy but that's the best I got. I can't think of anything I love more than shoes! ;)

No review today, 'coz I am simply brain-dead at this hour and there is nothing to 'review' about. All I can say is - I love Julia. There is nothing to criticize or analyze. Anything she does is golden, for me. So there. End of story. Did I mention, I love Julia? 

Clearly I am rambling. I better hit the bed. 

But before I go, this is how I dressed to go to to the movies 
followed by another sweet sheesha date at my favorite Gypsy Cafe
Dress - Target [09']; Shoes - Spring [10']; Ring - UO [10']

Earrings - ASOS [10']; Wrist-band - Selfmade [10']
The dress had this long string which went around the waist several times, 
which really annoyed me. Hence, I cut it, tied the ends together 
and wrapped it around my wrist, instead. Like it?!?!
P.S. I love Julia! :)

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  1. I love pink!!! That graduated dip dye dress is fabulous!!! Looking gorgeous lovely!

  2. Hehe, I love Julia too! She has such a wonderful smile! And I love your dress! The colour is great!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  3. Oh you look so gorgeous and lady-like (not that you don't otherwise) but think the girlie looks suits you so much more than anything else. Love the wristband idea and please for god's sake where is this bag. You forgot to mention :P I love it and WANT it :)

  4. Oooo, that's such a pretty dress. I love the colours. I want it to be summer again so I can wear dresses like that: it's been raining on stop for the last few days here!
    Oh and I love Julia Roberts as well.

  5. love the way you style the long string! i was about to ask where you bought the wrist band when i read about how it was made! :D

    Castor Pollux

  6. I'm with you on the Julia Roberts thing, I love her, too! Such a beautiful, elegant and grounded lady.
    Must admit that I loathed Eat, Pray & Love and found the author really flaky, fragile and self-centred. Hopefully Julia can inject some verve and sassiness into the role.
    You look so Pretty In Pink!!!! xxx

  7. I love what you did with the dress string! I haven't seen the movie but I love Julia too :) so I'm going to see it soon, hopefully!


  8. I am quite convinced I'm going to love it too! And I like the dress...very bright and generates a feel-good thing!

  9. fire and ice theme sounds cool! will defo do that! love your dress - you look like a model x

    Designer sunglasses giveaway!!

  10. Oh all the pink what's not to love? I can't wait to watch Eat, Pray, Love- I loved the book and I am sure I'll love the movie too!

  11. Cute dress! I went to see it last night too. Julia never disappoints. She is an incredible actress. I just wish they'd spent more time in Bali with Javier Bardem!

    ♥ V


  12. You look great...The color is really catchy!!
    I know you said no reviews but still I want to know how is the movie :)

  13. You look so cute in pink, makes me want to pinch your cheeks:)Love that bag Tanvii, is it the same one that Karla designed for Coach? I'd completely sworn off Coach, but the Chelsea bags and Karla's bag are calling out to me desperately...
    I wanted to go see eat pray love sooo bad, but decided to stay put at home and study instead:(

  14. You look so cute in pink, makes me want to pinch your cheeks:)Love that bag Tanvii, is it the same one that Karla designed for Coach? I'd completely sworn off Coach, but the Chelsea bags and Karla's bag are calling out to me desperately...
    I wanted to go see eat pray love sooo bad, but decided to stay put at home and study instead:(

  15. You looked so darn cute in this pink! And I really wanna watch eat, pray and love cos I adore Julia too:)


  16. The dress is wonderfully summery...I would a loved to see you white flip flops and a summery bag instead.

  17. Love the color and it suits you a lot :) .. perfect dress for summers.

  18. Hello...just found your blog....super cute outfit and I love the shoes too!!!

  19. Tanvi!! You mentioned shoes and julia, but you forgot to mention your husband..hehehe!! I guess shoes can do that to you!! :P Adorable dress and loving the shoes..and I already mentioned that I really like the bag right?? :)

  20. Like the title of this post!
    I saw the movie too yesterday...with hubby in tow. You'll have to tell me what you thought.

  21. Really pretty dress. Color is so vibrant.Like the bracelet.

    Hoping for the movie to come out soon here..really liked the book.

  22. Such a cute dress! and yes, I love Julia too - she's a great actor.

  23. Thanks for stopping by my blog too:)

    Ill be a new follower:)

    You look like a little angel lol. I say your about 20 years old in these pics.:)

  25. I'm dying to see Eat, Pray, Love. I adored the book. Hopefully I'll be able to go tomorrow night or some night this week. I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it - it's making me even more excited! I'm also loving the dress. The ombre effect is great!

    ps. Be sure to check in on our blog tomorrow, we're doing our very first giveaway! Exciting!

  26. Let there be neon on Tanvi !!! :) Love love love your look in this post dear girl.

  27. haha, you're so friggin cute, chica! julia is REALLY great, 'all-american' and all. was the movie as great as everyone's hoping? i've yet to see it. it'll be the hunky spaniard, Javier, i've got my eyes on. he's yummy!

  28. Gorgeous dress.. loving your smile on these photos

  29. Love that beautiful ombre pink of your dress! Great color for this hot Texas summer!


  30. My treat to myself ( don't even know if that sentence makes sense) would be to see EPL this weekend. You look so pretty in the pink dress! I like Julia to too, she has a very vivacious personality and I would kill to have her smile!

  31. So how do you feel about Julia hon?

    ...obviously how I feel about you in this dress!!!! GORGEOUS!!!
    ....yes, love the wristband!

  32. I remember seeing this pretty dress in Target and I really liked the gentle shading on this one..not sure why I didnt pick it up? u look so nice..

  33. Heyy Tanvii,
    am new on the fashion blogging scene and I discovered your blog only now...
    And girl do I love what I see!
    Just love this Tie & Dye dress you are wearing. Your smile is even more beautiful..
    I love Julia too..:D
    Do visit my newborn
    Will be obliged.:))

  34. Very cute! So you liked the movie, huh? OK - so you love Julia. What if someone else was starring, would you recommend it? I have read some pretty scathing reviews.

  35. i loveeeeeeee pink, the dress is so cute,looking forward to the movie being released in India.



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