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Introspection Zone

Realizing that you are confused is the beginning of clarity. - Mahesh Bhatt

I have been in an introspective zone again, lately [I am not complaining, that's my favorite zone]. I have very few supporters of my 'honesty'. Well, actually just one - Dusk [Thank You! :)]. Since the time I can remember, I have always been asked to 'tone-it-down' or 'practice diplomacy'. Though back-in-the-day I was a rebel and didn't pay heed to such advices but with time and circumstances I have learnt to keep my thoughts/views/opinions to myself [couldn't be diplomatic so did the next best thing!]. 

Something I learnt early on was that everyone is made of 'good' and 'evil' and it is just a matter of keeping your 'evil' in control and bringing the 'good' out as much as possible. But how is that possible unless you are ready to accept and acknowledge the 'evil' in you? So while I am in constant battle with myself in keeping the 'evil' in control, I do not mind just sharing it in this space. And for once really being-who-I-am which includes the good & evil, both.  

Also, since I keep my mouth shut so much in my real-life lately, I really find blogging to be super-therapy, where I can say what-ever-the-heck I want. And everyone has a choice to read or not. Win-Win, I would say! :) 

Top - Urban Outfitters [09']; Shorts - Lucky Brand [08']; 
Shoes - Steve Madden [10']; Necklace - Gift [Mom, 10']
Belt - Thrifted [10']; Bracelet - Gift [10']; Ring - ?!?! [New Orleans, 10']

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