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Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
Delhi written in Hindi script!
DisclaimerThis is my state of mind while writing this post! 

I am one of those people who have no sense of balance. Everything is one extreme or the other for me. Either my life rocks or it completely sucks. Either I absolutely love someone or I just do not care. [I had read somewhere: The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference! I happen to agree. Do you?]. The only exception to this rule would my OCD towards cleanliness. I can be happy or sad, but never messy/untidy/unclean. 

So today my life sucks! Why? Well, today I wanted to eat Poha [An indian dish made with flat rice] but didn't wanna cook it myself. What alternative do I have? Nothing. Hence my life sucks. This would be one of those rare occasions when I miss home. On most counts my philosophy in life is  "Be content with what you have and where you are". Except on the days when I want something and can't have it simply 'coz I am not in the right place called - Home [Define Home - Place where all your needs and wants are met regardless of how you behave or your (damn) *Karma*]. Hence, the reminiscing!   

Delhi, capital of India, is also written as 
Dilli [an exact written-translation from it's Hindi pronunciation]
All images sourced from here

Some random facts about Delhi à la Tanvi
One of the greenest capital cities in the world
Not the city to dress provocatively and walk around 
Representative of Indian Hospitality
During summers be prepared for water-cuts, electricity-cuts and 'hot-humid-weather'
When using an Auto Rickshaw do not forget to bargain the price
No matter where you are going, keep an hour handy for traffic
Do not trust any stranger luring you in the name of a 'good/better deal' 
Shopping paradise specially for 'North Indian Ethnic Wear"
Not really safe for girls
Heaven for anyone who loves good food

There you have it. It's a mixed-bag, but what-I-call Home!
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