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Home Sweet Home

1:01 AM

Home Sweet Home
Delhi written in Hindi script!
DisclaimerThis is my state of mind while writing this post! 

I am one of those people who have no sense of balance. Everything is one extreme or the other for me. Either my life rocks or it completely sucks. Either I absolutely love someone or I just do not care. [I had read somewhere: The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference! I happen to agree. Do you?]. The only exception to this rule would my OCD towards cleanliness. I can be happy or sad, but never messy/untidy/unclean. 

So today my life sucks! Why? Well, today I wanted to eat Poha [An indian dish made with flat rice] but didn't wanna cook it myself. What alternative do I have? Nothing. Hence my life sucks. This would be one of those rare occasions when I miss home. On most counts my philosophy in life is  "Be content with what you have and where you are". Except on the days when I want something and can't have it simply 'coz I am not in the right place called - Home [Define Home - Place where all your needs and wants are met regardless of how you behave or your (damn) *Karma*]. Hence, the reminiscing!   

Delhi, capital of India, is also written as 
Dilli [an exact written-translation from it's Hindi pronunciation]
All images sourced from here

Some random facts about Delhi à la Tanvi
One of the greenest capital cities in the world
Not the city to dress provocatively and walk around 
Representative of Indian Hospitality
During summers be prepared for water-cuts, electricity-cuts and 'hot-humid-weather'
When using an Auto Rickshaw do not forget to bargain the price
No matter where you are going, keep an hour handy for traffic
Do not trust any stranger luring you in the name of a 'good/better deal' 
Shopping paradise specially for 'North Indian Ethnic Wear"
Not really safe for girls
Heaven for anyone who loves good food

There you have it. It's a mixed-bag, but what-I-call Home!

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  1. Those are some really beautiful photos! And I know what you mean about missing home, even though the longest I've ever been away was only 9 months. Just being able to go back to somewhere you are familiar with and feel comfortable is such a feeling of contentment! I hope you can find a way to get that food without having to make it yourself! Maybe you should "pick up a little something on the way home" like they do in that commercial (I'm not even sure if it is one that airs in the US), and bring home a sexy man chef to cook you whatever you want. But then you'll have to find a way to keep hubs from getting too jealous...

    Ce qui m'inspire

  2. Aaah Tanvi,
    so you belong to Delhi huh! Your heart is still out there girl..Like mine is still stuck in time with Mumbai! Awww wish I could cook up Poha for you right now and E-mail it across..hehehe..Do you mean you like it the maharashtrian way with onions and peas? mmm I like grated coconut sprinkled on top with a dash of lemon squeezed to it! :)) I miss mum's cooking too..:((

  3. I have been away from home/Delhi but funnily never miss anything here

  4. Awww...sorry you are missin home babes...hope you visit soon!

    On another note, like your post on my dilli...I love it (though the traffic and roads are messier than ever!) but yeah...love the food...love the shopping...love that its home...and looking forward to the cooler months ahead!

    Just loooved your look in the Cottons Kurta and Fab pants...veeery pretty :)

    And looks like you and Ashish had lots of fun getting 'stomped'...seems like a lot of fun

    Also enjoyed your post on the Independence Day...you posted some great facts!


  5. It looks like such a beautiful place!

    Oh no about your bad day and not being able to eat Poha.

  6. I might be moving to Delhi at the end of this year and I am so scared - for you it may be home but for me it's a foreign universe! And it's sooo different to Dhaka, where I grew up.

    There is no place I really call home... I feel happy when entering either Dhaka or London, but I feel like an outsider in both places...!


  7. Oh, Sweetheart, you made me sad when I thought about you pining for Poha. Can't you teach your husband to make it for you?
    You're spot on with the indifference. It's like describing something as "nice". If it ain't good and it ain't bad why even bother? xxx
    PS Have you read any William Dalrymple? He's a Scottish journalist who lives half his life in Delhi, his books radiate passion about the place especially City of Djinns.

  8. Delhi - is my home too and i love this city!!!
    its got its sore ppoints, but having lived here all my life till date, i have grown so habitual to it that the mere thought of relocating makes me anxious...

  9. It would suck to be somewhere and be craving American fries and not be able to get any, I totally get this! I'm sure that what Delhi lacks in inconvenience it makes up for in character, I would love to visit. And I will not dress provocatively! Not that I do anyway! XX!

  10. Aaah, my heart belongs to delhi..... :)I know what you mean...I would never have learnt to cook had I still been living there.

    I'll make you some poha if you want to come visit! :)

  11. I love Dilli, the food, the clothes, the shopping and everything else- the general attitude of Delhi. My dad is from Delhi and I have a whole chunk of my family there, so in a way its home to me too. The only thing I dislike is how its not safe for girls. But everything else is lovelyyy!

  12. i can't wait go to Delhi next year for my holiday..
    This place is heaven

  13. Thanks for writing a post to answer my question! My Massi is based in Delhi and it is like second home to me! I just love Dilli Haat. My dad and Maassaji just sit in one corner and let us go bonkers there.

    I cannot even begin appreciating the food in Delhi!!

  14. Sorry to hear your life sucks today, sweetie. I shall remember those tips when next in India. Hope you feel better. X

  15. I am missing dilli too now:-( I wish u lived nearby, I would have made poha for u...

  16. Hope you feel better Tanvi. I know it won't take long cause you'll eventually cook it if you want it bad enough right? I can't talk I miss Belize. I miss the tropical water the most. I love the education I get when I visit yu blog. I guess that's why I'm here every single day huh! Love the beautiful pics. GET BETTER!!!! Snap back Tanvi and smile.;)

  17. i live away from home too so i understand missing home

  18. dilli oh dilli very good very good dilli ka traffic very bad very bad...i have to battle it every day these days..:)

    but one thing will always remain- dilli dil walon ki..though they are shrinking in number big time ;)

  19. It's as if you wrote this post for me...cuz I'm going to Delhi!! Delhi's home for me too :) Lol you're soo cute with your "I didn't eat anything." Darling if I could I'd bring you some Poha from India!! So, you're parents live in Delhi??

  20. Gorgeous pics and you are going to hate me b/c I ate that over the weekend. (at least I think that's what it was!). my sis in law made it and it was yummy. she added potatoes so it was definitely carb overload but we had it for brunch! hope you are having a better day :)

  21. I can't even imagine how hard it can be to live away from home. And it sounds like you're the perfect balance of it yourself, sweetie. I hope to visit your home one day :)

  22. i was so excited that I could read delhi in hindi!!!!! I didn't completely forget. hubby's from delhi and he tells me how awesome it is to shop there..

  23. Gorgeous pictures of your home! Love it. Hope you feel at home soon.

  24. Oh I totally have the same gift of working myself up into a mood over something totally silly. Also, looking at the post title, I got excited thinking it was going to be photos of your home. I'm a total closet interior decorating blog addict, I'd love to see pics of your house sometime!

  25. I make gr8 poha and I have all the ingredients at home right now! Come visit.
    Dilli reminds me of the Mataak Kali Mataak Kali song!!
    Meetu D

  26. I think I understand, I think I am a little bit the same! Thanks for the cool information!

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  27. I go thru' phases when I'm thankful I live here, then I have phases where I miss everything about home.

  28. Ahh yes I got some great Kashmir shawls in the Delhi market! Would definitely want to go back to shop, eat and ride the train!

  29. You are such a sweetheart!! Thank u thank you soooooo much!!

    I'm sooo excited about moving there.. Even more so now, is coz of ur post!

    People have been telling me about the dangers for girls out thr in Dilli, which is not much at all when compared to Mumbai... But strangely I'm not scared.. At all!!!

    I love that place.. N I have many loved ones there.. And I'd really like to call Delhi my home someday..

    Loved ur post... Thank u! I'll check if I can get poha delivered to u somehow.. ;) *hugs* loads of luv!!

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  31. I so relate to all ur saying! and I love that definition of home, I am going to remember it! :)

  32. Yeh dillllii hai mereee yaar...ishq mohabbat pyaar!

    nice facts..especially the shopping bit :-p

  33. The hindi script it so beautiful and all the photos. I want to be in Delhi right now.

  34. Aww I am sorry you were feeling so homesick yesterday. Delhi looks like a beautiful city. I love it when you include factoids like you did here!

  35. Oh I've always wanted to visit Delhi (actually, most of the North, like Agra and Jaipur as well). It seems lovely; how long has it been since you left?

  36. this post has made me nostalgic, living in bombay i really miss delhi now and ya its a shoppers paradise. I love your def of home :)and I see that the next post has a poha pic so you must have made it.

  37. i wonder if any place in india is "safe for girls". dunno. why is that? oh! pssttt...i was brought up in Houston. lived there for most of 20 years. is it sad that all i remember is the heat. *insert sheepish grin*

  38. what is flat rice, btw? i dunno if i ever had poha before. it looks yummy!
    and home....home is where the heart is, yeah? hang in there, chica. i remember when i first moved away from my parents, and i was all sentimental about not having them around to lean on in my random needy moments. a certain someone told me it was about time i grew up and learned not to depend on anyone for anything. he was VERY much an arse, but, sadly, what he said was true. *big hugs, honey*



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