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Gingham Revisited

This is one of the outfits from the Boston trip that I forgot to post. I have worn this dress a couple of times before and always find it a challenge to repeat it but with a twist. How do you think I did this time?

Dress - Tulle [09'] Also worn here; Belt - Thrifted [10'] 
One of the only things I can buy from thrift stores are belts!
Shoes - Mom's

On an unrelated topic, lately I have received numerous emails from people either asking question about fitness or about finding my journey as an inspiration [which by the way I think is a huge compliment, so Thank You!]. 

I would only like to say that I, too continuously struggle with my weight-management and health. I have to workout regularly to maintain my weight. There are no short cuts [at least not for me!]. I have written about fitness in 'n' number posts last year and there is really nothing new that I can add to it. The key to good health and fitness is your 'brain' [i.e. determination]. 

And I am not Ms. Perfect! Whenever I let go of my disciplined lifestyle, the fat creeps back in slowly and I am have to fight the bulge again. I does get very frustrating at times but there is no other way around it. So what's my point? Consistency. Some bodies just need constant work. Do not obsess over it, just move it! That's my motto. If I want to fit into my fabulous clothes and continue to feel good about myself I will have to find time and push myself, [I thinkfor the rest of my life!

Some simple reminders [to myself] to help stay fit:
  • Eat slowly & Chew your food [helps in digestion]
  • Serve small portions [but then you can eat every 2 hours, if you are hungry]
  • Eat Fruits and Veggies [i.e. Remember: 2/3 rd veggies, 1/3rd carbs?]
  • Fill your kitchen with healthy snacks [I don't keep any candy/chocolate/ice cream at home to avoid temptation. We go out once a week for frozen yogurt or ice cream.]
  • Learn to say No! [Once you are full, you are full - No matter what!