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Free Living

A wise man says : Good writing is just the evidence of a intensely lived life. 
If your life is burning well, writing is just the ash.

I do not like when people claim that they have figured me out. I know everyone enjoys an element of mystery within them but that's not what I am talking about here. 

When someone says, 'This is so Tanvi-style!' while it might be a compliment [and I do appreciate it!...but] I truly do not believe I have a set-style. [Disclaimer:This doesn't apply to the fabulous gift Sakshi sent me, as mentioned in yesterday's post. This is purely about my dressing style! Just clarifying before she gets mad at me and stops sending me presents ;)] The only constant factor in my dressing is 'comfort & fit'. Everything else is variable. I love experimenting, trying new looks, new combinations - and I will wear anything as long as it looks good on me & is venue appropriate! Just thought will set the record straight, use one of the benefits of having my own blog ;) ...

And this is how I had dressed for a soiree out with my husband
Top - Gift [Megha 05']; Pants - Fetched by Smrithi [10']
Necklace - Gift [Mom 10']
Bangles - Local Store  [09']; Slip ons - Pretty Fit [Dubai, 07']

N.B. If you wish to know more about me and have a little time to spare please check out my interview on Ce Qui M'inspire with Charlotte. I had stumbled upon her blog earlier this year and have been in love with her earring collection, ever since. She is a very sweet girl, living in the neighboring country [Canada!] who always drops by and leaves a comment on all my posts. [Very supportive!]

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