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Good writing is clear thinking made visible - Bill Wheeler
...continued from yesterday's post here

Should I be an absolute narcissist and give you examples from my own archives of 'outfit posts' on how to be a 'better' fashionista? Naaah! What's the fun in that? I thought it would be much more interesting if I showcased few of the fashion bloggers who I believe always [big emphasis on always] get it right. All of these ladies have 'individual' style and fashion sense. As far as I can judge, neither of them are slaves to the fashion trends. They adopt the upcoming trends and adapt it to their individual fashion sensibilities. You will never find either of them in ill-fitted, un-ironed, or 'copy-cat' outfits/clothes. 
Accessorizing Queen
Jemina from

She flirts with fashion and never shy away from colors. I am in awe of her ability to layer her outfits and give a finishing touch with some envious bling! Anyone looking for a guide or mentor to help them figure out how to accessorize their outfits for different occasions should definitely hit upon her blog. And while you are at it, also catch a few tips on what shoes go with what kinda clothing!
Fashionable Diva
Dusk from

Her style is not for the faint-hearted. She wears her attitude and never confines herself to trends and/or the 'in' thing. Anyone looking for an inspiration for how to be-your-own-person [the very way God intended you to be] should get in touch with her. Her dressing styles involve everything from skirts, trousers, leggings etc. What makes it stand out is how Dusk wears and layers it all. She can wear a poncho as a skirt [like in the above picture] and make it look from right-off-the-ramp-stuff! She would be the person whom you would wanna follow if you are into experimenting and individual fashion!

Simplicity and Fashion
Tex from

Tex is someone whom I would call classic and chic. She has an excellent dressing sense which compliments her body and personality marvelously. Anyone looking to learn how to dress for your body should definitely call her [well not literally!]. I love how she puts together her outfit - clothes, jewelry and most importantly shoes, for different occasions/seasons. She is an ideal example of how to translate trends into personal style without really 'aping' anyone.

Elaine from

You thought you need millions and then you would stop looking as shabby? Think again! Enter: Elaine. She is a magician who can wear the same piece of clothing in more than 10 ways. She only purchases from Thrift Shops or Yard Sales. Some of the outfit that look like a million-bucks on her, don't even cost her more than $10.00 all together head-to-toe! If you are on a limited budget and struggling to find ways to stay fashionable - hit her blog! She wears scarfs as belts, belts as necklaces, necklaces as hairbands ... [no really! I am not kidding]. She never fails to look sharp, in her well-fitted and ironed clothes. She is a Fashionista-on-Budget and no one can take her throne. Period. 

Whimsical & Vintage
Robyn from

I adore her style. I do! [Doesn't she look absolutely whimsical?] I would describe her dressing sense as playful and fun. She always looks comfortable no matter what she is wearing. Vintage clothing is her forte, which is no surprise since she runs an extremely successful online vintage store. However, her personal style is an inspiration for anyone who wants to be fashionable yet comfortable. She knows exactly how to wear her prints and florals and stripes...! She pairs her outfits with a simple belt or an enchanting pendant and voila, she is radiant and charming! 

This was an attempt to showcase 5-Fabulous-Fashionistas!
Clearly they all have individual styles, 
But all of them look fashionable and chic!
And finally, did we or did we not learn our lesson, yet?