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Can't make up my mind!

Shirt Dress - Giovani [Delhi, 2007]
Belt - Coach, Thrifted for $10.00 [10']

Shoes - Dolce Vita [10']
Bangles - Local Boutique [09']

I do not have any wise words to share or anything to whine about either. What I cannot make up mind about however is whether I am ready for the fall yet, or not? Lately, every second blog I check is addressing this subject and I am just not sure! 

While I am dying to wear my boots, leggings, and jackets I also quite like the simple shirt-dress and shorts right now on my shelves. Hmmmm. It's a good thing I live in Texas, 'coz the sun is most likely to lurk around up until late October here, which gives me enough time to make up my mind ;)

What I AM sure about is, that it's FRIDAY, BABY! [Yeah, I am shouting it at the highest pitch possible] Do we have any special plans for the weekend?