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Before Summer Leaves

Few days back, I was sitting and whining through another hot afternoon, that suddenly there was a loud banging on the main door. I always get startled when that happens as no one ever drops by in this country, unannounced [Thank God!]. I was not dressed appropriately to open the door. Thankfully, husband was working from home and hence opened the door. 

It was the FedEx guy delivering a package. Generally, I have a rough idea as to what it might be ['coz it's only me in my household who indulges in online shopping!]. But this time I had no clue. I hadn't ordered a thing [I promise!]. I ripped opened the package eagerly. Husband didn't open it 'coz it was in my name [but had it been in his name also, I wouldn't have let him open a surprise package! No way!]. It was a wall-hanging from a friend of mine [Whom I went to visit in April and who has now moved to U.K.? You guys gotta start remembering the stuff from previous posts now *eye.roll*]. She saw it during one of her travel expeditions [envy!] and said, "I just had to get it. It had Tanvi written all over it!"  

P.S. She doesn't want me to refer to her any more as the friend who called me shallow or the friend from boston any more. But obviously 'coz she doesn't want it I am so much more inclined to do so **!

I love her. In fact I adore her. Not 'coz she sent me a gift but 'coz she is so sweet to think of me even when I am not around [and she is out having fun]. The gift made my day and I got into my planning mode! A 'wall-project' to make worthy space for the amazing wall-hanging/frame, in my living room! 

[Thank You, Sakshi! Love You babes!

Had to re-do my whole wall to make place for it! And I Love it!
Another random outfit I wore on, yet, another random afternoon!
Shoes - Spring [10']
Top - Victoria Secrets [09']; Shorts - Gap [09']

Necklace - Gift [Mom, 10']
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