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Youngsters, July 19th 2007

People who have been following 'my daily saga' for the past few months would know about my 'Wedding Fever'. [No really, it's not a metaphor] I was hospitalized and it was a miracle that I made it to my own wedding. If curious, you can read it here

Our wedding was scheduled to be after two months from the date of our engagement. The celebrations were kicked-off by "Youngsters" which was a party-of-sorts that my brother threw for all my and husband's friends and a few close cousins. I was on an intravenous drip in the hospital and had to beg my doctor to let me go to the party for just a few hours. [Imagine everyone is partying and I am not even there!?!??! Height of cruelty!] So after my long-continuous-and-annoying-whining-session the doctor gave me the permission to go to 'my own party' for 6 hours. I could leave the hospital at 6pm [don't forget I had to even go to the salon first!] and I had to get back by midnight [like a Cinderella?!?!]. This was even worse than when i was a teenager and my parents didn't let me go out late nights and I had 1 am-deadlines. But I didn't wanna argue about the timing with the doctor, just yet [I was like pehle yahan se bahar toh nikle translation : let me just get out of here!]. 

Anyhooo, I made it to the party. I wasn't allowed to drink alcohol and had to pop-pills [take medicines] every few hours. My cousin was responsible to remember that I have to take medicines. [They hadn't diagnosed what was wrong so they were pumping me with all kinds of antibiotics to just bring the fever down!]

The theme of the party was 'Wear your attitude in Black'; 
Hence I was wearing burnt-orange[ish]-red! 

I picked my dress and husband's Jacket in same color [to match!] from Ravi Bajaj [Another Indian Designer]. The dress has interesting work on the left side [which is not visible in this angle], the orange chiffon material has a slit at the corner and one can see the work on a cream colored cloth underneath then. But unfortunately I do not have a better shot of that! [My Shoes - Gucci]

Well, here he is proposing AGAIN! This time in front of all my friends! As you all know, my husband is a romantic and as filmy as I am, so throughout our courtship he would talk to me in 'dialogues from movies'. So one day he was saying that dialogue from Dil Chahta Hai [that Aamir says to Preity Zinta - tum mere liye bani ho aur main tumhare ... etc. etc. etc.]. I challenged him that, "It's easy to keep saying all this to me when no one is around. I would marry you only if you say this publicly." So basically, before our wedding he had to say it once in front of everyone. I didn't care when-how-what, he just had to say it. I didn't know he would choose to do it on this particular night! So this is what he is doing in the above two pictures. Narrating his own version of that dialogue and proposing to me AGAIN! Needless, to say I said yes and here we are 3 years later ;)

I really wanted to post this NON-Glamourous picture of ours. This is towards the end of the night when we were drenched in sweat from all the dancing. I didn't have any alcohol that night, but it was definitely the most fun I had ever had. I went back to the hospital around 3am [Yeah! I didn't care about the doctor! :P] My poor parents were on stand-by all through the night and worried that I would strain myself out and not recover. Am I stubborn, or am I stubborn? :P
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