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Wedding, July 23rd 2007

My All-Time Favorite Picture!

We have reached the end of the journey now. It's my Anniversary today! Hence, was my wedding day 3 years back. I will try and narrate the story through my pictures here. Thank you everyone for commenting daily and appreciating what you saw! It never gets old (always makes my day)!

... and My Lifelong Journey begins...
This is what you can call the Indian version of 'walking down the aisle'. Mostly the Indian Bride walks with her friends and female cousins by her side. But since I am a 'Daddy's Girl' to the core, I wanted to walk with my Dad. 

P.S. He is looking so tired here [it's about 10pm] 'coz he [and my mom] hadn't had a drop of water or any food all day. This is a custom that requires parents to fast till they don't 'give their daughter away'. All our customs and rituals have stories/reasons behind them. They are not 'a law' or 'compulsory' but if you follow them, it's supposed to be auspicious!
Oh! This is one of those Glamour Shots!

We had finalized my husband's [fiancĂ© then!] sherwani back in May, when he had come down from U.S. for the Roka & Engagement Ceremony. I simply decided to match my outfit to his! Lehnga is my least favorite outfit out of all the Indian Outfits [don't know why!] and since it's least likely I will ever wear it again I thought I will just follow the norm and wear it on my wedding day [I had already exhausted all the other options for other ceremonies!]. The basic idea behind my Wedding Lehnga [Designer - Neeta Paul] was it should match my husband's outfit, be flowing with intricate 'paisley' work, and light enough [I had to wear it for almost 10 hours!].

First ceremony is where we exchange the garlands which are made with rose petals [hanging in our neck!;)]. Mostly the whole clan climbs up on the stage and makes a ruckus around but I wanted to have only our immediate family up there with no rowdy behavior! [I know I am no fun!]  

Later, we did not sit on the stage and click pictures with all the guests. Instead after the ceremony we got up and walked around the banquet hall 'just like normal people' and met all the guests and clicked pictures in person, on the ground! That felt much more human to me than to sit in one position for hours like statues! 

The second part is followed by the prayers which are performed by the priest. You make seven promises to each other and then take seven rounds around the fire together. [We do not write our own vows. There are 7 vows which all couples make to each other

There are many-many rites and rituals [with stories/reasons] which are part of this ceremony but if I start explaining them all I would reach the next year of my marriage and still be writing about it :P 

We do not have wedding bands in our culture, but instead we put 'sindoor' [which is a red powder also knows as Vermilion, you put exactly where your forehead ends and hairline starts]. This is the wedding finale. You are traditionally [not legally! ;)] married now :o)

This is a chariot of sorts called 'Doli'. In olden days when there were no cars or transportation, the brides used to go their 'new home' in this [which was usually from one village to another]. However, today this is only done for the sake of restoring an old tradition, so the bride goes from the venue till the car in the 'Doli'. 

These are my brother and cousins giving a hand in lifting the Doli! 
I was so happy, I had worked out [and even fallen sick] and lost loads of weight before the wedding, else can you imagine the guilt I would feel sitting in it [all fat and heavy] while my poor brothers tried to lift this?!?! :P

The only way I was willing to get married was - If things were run my way! Until I got married I never really thought I would! Not 'coz I do not believe in the institution but 'coz I never thought I would ever find someone willing to 'bear my natak!' [tantrums! ;)]. 

I am extremely thankful to my family and my in-laws 'coz everyone 'just-let-me-be' and let me run the show [with which my brother helped a lot!!!]. I wanted to do things differently and I was allowed to! Well, ... there is always something more you could have done, but then there is no end to that! [And not to forget I do plan to marry 'my husband' again, this time without falling sick before! :)]

And with this we come towards the end of my Wedding Drama. It was lovely having you all on board! From tomorrow we shall resume back to the scheduled telecast of western outfits and my daily ranting ... Haha ;) 
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