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Staying Inspired!

Two weeks back Tanya from Major Must Haves hosted a Giveaway for this gorgeous bracelet/cuff [picture below]. Most of the times I can't be bothered to enter a giveaway because I am toooo lazy to fulfill the 'requirements' and also because I do not like following orders [Yeh! Yeh! I know ...How Mean!]. But Tanya didn't lay a list of requirements to be fulfilled. I only had to tell her why I liked this bracelet to have a chance of winning it! Which wasn't hard at all, 'coz it's such a gorgeous piece. Turquoise happens to be one of my favorite colors [my wedding outfit was turquoise]! This is probably first time I have 'won' something without having 'to-kill-myself' for it. I am someone who never wins lucky draw, lottery, bingo [or anything on these lines!]. But, at last the jinx has been broken and hopefully lady luck [in terms of monetary value **] will shine upon me more often. *touchwood*

Thank you soooooo much, Tanya!
Isn't it simply stunning? I am in love with it. Thanks again, Tanya! :o)
Okay! So that's the rest of me! :P 
Haircut due in 2 weeks! To do or not to do is the new Dilemma!
Top - Urban Outfitters; Jeans - Miss Sixty; Shoes - Puma

I have two more fabulous women to thank, today:
  1. Dusk, from The Dusk Zone for giving me another award - Happy 101! It is always such a pleasure to interact with her in this blogosphere. If you haven't yet visited her blog, please do so here and while you are at it - Do read what she has to say as well 'coz she is as erudite as you can get! :)
  2. The Mommy, from Twenty Little Toes also, for giving me second award in less than a month - The Sunshine Award! She is a mother of two adorable twin boys and clicks absolutely fabulous pictures of them and everything around them. It is a delight to read - her poems inspired by her daily life & kids, and her comments on my posts!
Thank You, ladies! You inspire me to keep moving! :)

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