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Spicy Stir Fry

I love spicy food. In fact I cannot eat bland food. Hence, I cook spicy food. Stir-frys are the easiest fix when I am really hungry. I always try and keep some chopped tomatoes and onions in my fridge, so that when I am hungry I do not get lazy to cook [I make lunch for only myself so have to motivate myself harder to cook and avoid eating out or unhealthy!]. So below is what I would call a satisfying-filling-well-balanced lunch. Let me know what you think! 

My version of Stir-fried Brown Rice
Sautée one chopped tomato, small brown onion and one green chilli [Serrano pepper]

Steamed Vegetables 
[Snow-peas, Red Peppers, Mushrooms, Water chestnuts, and Baby Corn]

Slice the chicken breast into thin strips [for my husband!]

Add the vegetables and chicken to the mixture and let is simmer

After about 2-3 minutes 
add a bowl of boiled brown rice to the sautéed vegetables and chicken 

Add salt to taste, and let is simmer for about 5 more minutes 
And then serve warm!

P.S. I absolutely suck at writing recipes, 'coz I really cook as my heart desires. But I have made an attempt here as few readers asked me to. Hope this helps! 

Happy Monday! Did everyone have a good weekend? 
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