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Simple is Chic

I am not a coward [really am not!] and I neither am I afraid of confrontations. But do I look forward to them? Not really! However, what bothers me the most is when I realize that I might have hurt or offended someone unintentionally. The moment that realization dawns upon me, my day becomes long and the night even longer [till I set the record straight, that is]! Until I do not know for sure that I have communicated my true intention to the person-concerned, I cannot sit still. At times, I even wish the earth would split open and I would guzzle right into the oblivion, just like Sita Mata [But I am not a big fan of Mrs. Sita ... but that story for another time. Non Indian readers - She is a mythological character from one of the Hindu Epics - Ramayana]! But that never happens and I have to wait it out till the misunderstanding gets cleared. It's such a torture. And to make it worse I start over-analyzing the situation and wonder if my need to set-the-record straight will be seen as my guilt talking? No matter how hard I try to keep my 'simple' life - simple, it always finds a way to get entangled again. But my quest to keep it simple is always ON! 

This is how I dressed to run errands with my husband :)
High-Bun incidentally same as what Splurgerina featured in her yesterday's post!

Top - Target [10']; Jeans - Miss Sixty [06']
Shoes - Tory Burch [10']
Photography is courtesy my husband - Mr. Fabulous 
(As some readers had asked me)

Today, I met Tamanna for a short while. It was my first time meeting a friend from this blogosphere. She is as amazing as her posts are. She is reflective, fun and very easy to talk to. 

We talked and shared our views about blogging, men, women, sagittarius sun sign, fashion, Sonam Kapoor [Meh!], Aishwarya Rai [*vicious.eye.roll*], among many other things. It was really great to finally meet [at least] one of the faces behind my Mac screen [*big.grin*].  

With the fun and fabulous Tamanna from Frenchleave