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Sangeet & Mehndi, July 22nd 2007

Designer - Pooja Nayyar
Yeah! Full-on-filmy-on 
US :)

This is the most fun ceremony of all. The close friends and family prepare dance performances for the bride and groom. Towards the end the dance floor is opened and everyone goes crazy. It's sort of like an ethinic-clubbing-night where family is also present [along with friends of course!]. We combined the 'sangeet' with Mehndi [Henna Ceremony] where everyone along with the bride gets the 'henna-art' done on their hands. I had already got my hands done in the morning. I was scheduled to do the feet in the evening, after my dance *giggles* [Bride's henna art takes a long time. Approximately 6 hours!]

This is probably the heaviest outfit I wore [weight wise]. The skirt has a lot of cloth with the leather waist band and there is a bright neon lining underneath which peeks through when I move around. That was the coolest part but unfortunately it is not visible in the pictures. While with is an Anarkali style Suit, I wore is without the churidaar (churidaar are a form of pants with look like this) for the ceremony as I needed to get the 'henna-art' done on my feet later. The churidaar was of a similar red color as seen in the bottom panel of the Anarkali, and was made with net

The outfit was designed with the 'ceremony' in mind. By experience I found it very uncomfortable to see the brides-to-be who had to roll up their salwars [pants] or pick up their skirts to get the 'henna' done. It just looks very non-lady-like, tacky and messy!

Hair/ Make Up / Jewelry
You know my style by now. So no surprises here, except that the jewelry was the highlight of the outfit. 
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