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Roka, May 8th 2007

Back in May, I had attended the wedding of a friend of mine [Giselle] in New Orleans. I had also posted some pictures from the wedding when some readers had asked me to post pictures from my own wedding  as well. Well I have decided to do it all this week and account all the festivities which we [Me & Mr] went through to reach where we are today. Also, secretly I wish [hope!] to re-live it all again ... 

In India, matrimony is not only between the 'two-consenting-adults' in fact it is between both families. Though in western culture such ideologies are considered quite controversial but back home they really are not. We all are quite at peace with our rituals. Few of those who aren't [people born in conservative families but happen to fall in love!] only need the courage and determination to fight the society [Read: Their family!] and when they do ... the society eventually accepts them! It's not all that big-a-deal! 

Anyhooo, I really do not want my 'Special-Week' to be a history lesson on Indian Weddings. I will just walk you all through what I wore for what occasion and why. Cool?

This is before the ceremony
This is after the ceremony

The red-mark on my husband's forehead is a symbol of blessing. 

I had it too but had to remove it for the pictures, as it had gotten a little smudged.

So the first ceremony was - Roka [loosely translated as an Agreement]. This is when the two families formally accept the relationship and hence make it public. Only close family and friends are part of this ceremony. The bride-to-be is given gifts by her in-laws-to-be as a token of acceptance and welcome. The couple are given blessings by everyone present.

Disclaimer: I have this OCD to always be/look different, yet comfortable!
The outfit [otherwise known as Salwar Kameez] is from a local designer. I was aware that the ceremony would include people dressing me up [with jewelry, bangles, nail paint, etc.] and I would have to bend to touch my elders feet [we touch our elders feet to seek their blessings!] therefore I wanted to be in something comfortable and easy to move around with, yet - dressy! This fit the bill perfectly and I thought the belt was an interesting touch.

Hair & Make Up
In daily life I do not use any make up. I repeat - No Make-up! I cannot stand anything on my face. I like it clear. I only put moisturizer and sun screen. This week you can see the difference, 'coz here I have done make up [Minimal still!] It's not like I do not like make up, I just do not like doing it. If I had a professional make-up artist doing it for me, I am quite sure I would get it done daily :P And as for the hair, I like them straight with a little bounce. It never looks out-of-fashion, not even after a billion years [ I am sure!]

P.S. For a change [:P] I am open to questions, if anyone has any. Also, India has many religions, castes, sub-castes etc. therefore the ceremonies/rituals are different from one family to another. 


  1. You both look great...and its nice that your spreading the awareness about the Indian culture :) ..gr8

  2. Love this post! It's so neat to hear about different customs and traditions!

    PS - You looked gorgeous!

  3. Hey!i went back with this memory.It feels as if it was a couple of months back.
    Love your outfit.Both of u are color coordinated Sweeet-Hearts.
    Tons of love.

  4. This is amazing! I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures you post this week. You look absolutely beautiful.

    By the way... I don't like applying make up either, but don't like the way I look with a completely clear face :P

    Also, I'm supposed to be getting married this year (although my parents aren't completely on board :P) and he and I are from completely different 'traditions' (although both Indian) which is causing some problems for our wedding ceremony. If you ask me I would just like to sign a piece of paper and be married, because I am excited about the marriage, not the wedding... ah well. We'll see what happens!

    Leia's Delights

  5. oh wow!...this idea of putting up marriage pictures is awesome...even i have to do it.both of you are looking lovely...and you have not changed much..i know i have and that would be visible in the pics but you are looking lovely...will wait for more the description of the ceremony too :))

  6. OMG I'm so excited that you are sharing this with us!!! You guys looked wonderful. Can't wait to hear and see more. And learn as well :)

    Have a great weekend!

  7. You look really pretty in the Indian outfit. :)

  8. Gosh, you and hubby looked so great together! Love this couply shots!! And your hair and make up look very natural, I adore it:)


  9. ohh Tanvi! You both look so good together! really like the salwar..the belt is a nice touch :)

  10. Awwww, so cute! Love the roka pics. You look most pretty in pink and you guys almost sorta match :) Was that deliberate????? I love looking at wedding albums, I am so kicked you are sharing yours. You look all chilled out and comfy and not drowning under make-up and oodles of jewlery that most Indian brides fall prey to. Can't wait to see more :)

  11. you have rightly said, for us indians, its not only about two consenting adulta , but two families also...even in love marriages, when two families are in agreement and harmony, married life is smooth and full of love!!

    liked your roka pics, pink peachy salwar is a cutie!!..

    one thing , i observed that you have become slimmer when ur hubby has put on weight (or muscle maybe!!)

  12. both of u look so adorable!! I like the highlights in ur hair and the color of ur dress is gorgeous..Dont lose any more weight - u look cuter with a little meat on u:-)

  13. Gorgeous couple!!
    Pink is definitely your color lady!
    Don't you just love how diverse India is. South Indian weddings are so different..

  14. Awwwwwwwww both you and Ashish look soo exotic! Paisley on your shoe huh? :) And your watch is fab too.

  15. I really love your hair!! What beautiful photos of you two! happy weekend dear! I'm off to Florida to celebrate my wedding anniversary! xoxo

  16. I remember you telling me that you had got engaged. And that you were so happy about it. I remember attending your wedding. Am I there in your wedding pic album? Cross my finger...I hope I am...:))))
    You both make a fab couple.

  17. You both look gr8!

    Yours an arranged marriage?

  18. awww wow you guys look super can't wait to see the rest of the album. strangely enough i feel you guys look younger after three years of being married. maybe love does that to you. i really wish you all the luck and love tanvi for your future.
    lots of love,
    sonu :)

  19. Great post! I enjoyed learning more about your culture!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  20. Awww..this is such a great idea! I love looking at/reading anything wedding related...especially Indian..because I haven't been to a SINGLE Indian wedding my entire life! Love the second two look really cute! I'm excited about your upcoming posts!! :D

  21. beautiful! happy-lucky couple... like your ps at the end of the post. but yea, thanks for sharing!

  22. Terrific pictures - they are worth a thousand words and lots more.

    Interesting that the ceremony is called Roka though given its the start of a new beginning :)

  23. You looked absolutely beautiful! The make-up is perfect, it enhances your features without overpowering them, and your hair looks gorgeous too! So much volume and body, and I love the highlights!

    The oufit is wonderful as well, the colour looks great on you, and I think it's fantastic that you really took the practicality of it into account!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  24. Your hair looks amazing! such a beautiful couple. You always look so happy nice to see when I'm having a bad day.:)

  25. oh I like this, perfectly placed between comfort and dressy- def the shoes are!and i also like green and pink together...

  26. Aaawww! U both look so good!

  27. I remember this so clearly!! We were sitting and being silly whilst clicking photos. My favorite was me plopping myself between you two and demanding a 'Kebab-me-hadi' click! :-p

    Three years ago! Time flies!

    Pretty pics. Ashish looks like such a goooood boy in Rastogi territory :-p

  28. Gorgeous colors. I actually appreciate the cultural lesson.

  29. Priscila BarrenecheaJuly 18, 2010 at 1:04 AM

    I am a big fan of this week blogging!!! Tell us EVERYTHING!!!

  30. All the fun memories came back. You look wah-wah!
    And you are wearing my favorite watch!

  31. Hi tanvi, u both luk gr8 together... but i feel there's a lil change in ur hubby's face though.. i might also b wrong...:)

    but ir great 2 relive time esp the wedding .. u never get enuf of it....

  32. woo hoo... i love wedding posts... would absolutely love to do one of mine (but i have a no pics on the blog policy... plus, hubs wud freak out!)

    your pink outfit is cute... and i think this is the first pic of yours with lipstick on... :) (that i remember) it suits you... and the highlights too...

    finally, your set in the 'after' pics... droolworthy!

  33. Hi Tanvi, I have been reading your style blog for a year or so? (maybe longer) and now I am preparing for my inter-cultural wedding in a year and i saw Wedding as one of the labels and started browsing.

    I love your jewellery choices, its right up my alley and i wish i could carry off saree as greacefully as you do. my mom says i have a year to practise. haha

    anywho, really enjoyed your wedding posts in pictures!

    xo Nav

  34. u luked out of the world on your wedding dear......absolutely luv ur dresses...n the aqua on the wedding day...just wow


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