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Roka, May 8th 2007

Back in May, I had attended the wedding of a friend of mine [Giselle] in New Orleans. I had also posted some pictures from the wedding when some readers had asked me to post pictures from my own wedding  as well. Well I have decided to do it all this week and account all the festivities which we [Me & Mr] went through to reach where we are today. Also, secretly I wish [hope!] to re-live it all again ... 

In India, matrimony is not only between the 'two-consenting-adults' in fact it is between both families. Though in western culture such ideologies are considered quite controversial but back home they really are not. We all are quite at peace with our rituals. Few of those who aren't [people born in conservative families but happen to fall in love!] only need the courage and determination to fight the society [Read: Their family!] and when they do ... the society eventually accepts them! It's not all that big-a-deal! 

Anyhooo, I really do not want my 'Special-Week' to be a history lesson on Indian Weddings. I will just walk you all through what I wore for what occasion and why. Cool?

This is before the ceremony
This is after the ceremony

The red-mark on my husband's forehead is a symbol of blessing. 

I had it too but had to remove it for the pictures, as it had gotten a little smudged.

So the first ceremony was - Roka [loosely translated as an Agreement]. This is when the two families formally accept the relationship and hence make it public. Only close family and friends are part of this ceremony. The bride-to-be is given gifts by her in-laws-to-be as a token of acceptance and welcome. The couple are given blessings by everyone present.

Disclaimer: I have this OCD to always be/look different, yet comfortable!
The outfit [otherwise known as Salwar Kameez] is from a local designer. I was aware that the ceremony would include people dressing me up [with jewelry, bangles, nail paint, etc.] and I would have to bend to touch my elders feet [we touch our elders feet to seek their blessings!] therefore I wanted to be in something comfortable and easy to move around with, yet - dressy! This fit the bill perfectly and I thought the belt was an interesting touch.

Hair & Make Up
In daily life I do not use any make up. I repeat - No Make-up! I cannot stand anything on my face. I like it clear. I only put moisturizer and sun screen. This week you can see the difference, 'coz here I have done make up [Minimal still!] It's not like I do not like make up, I just do not like doing it. If I had a professional make-up artist doing it for me, I am quite sure I would get it done daily :P And as for the hair, I like them straight with a little bounce. It never looks out-of-fashion, not even after a billion years [ I am sure!]

P.S. For a change [:P] I am open to questions, if anyone has any. Also, India has many religions, castes, sub-castes etc. therefore the ceremonies/rituals are different from one family to another.