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"Rocking" Life?

I have been thinking about this for quite sometime and then 'introspected' on this last night with husband as well -> To achieve anything in life, you first need to have the fire in your belly. You need to want it reallllly bad. If one makes peace with their 'uncomfortable' situation or accepts their rather 'unfavorable circumstances' they have already lost the battle. The key to success lies in 'never giving up', right? Always stepping out of your comfort zone and giving that extra 'something' even when you feel you haven't got any more life in you to give 'anything' anymore. There is no specific time or age for success. It just happens! But you ought to be ready when it happens, else it will pass you right by! This is what me thinks!

And since I am a crazy-list-making person, I need to right it down my plan for success ['coz I need to see it to believe in it!]
  1. Do I know what do I want? [I most often do!]
  2. Can I visualizing what I want? [Being an imaginative person helps!]
  3. Do I have what it takes? [Yay baby! I always do ;)]
  4. Researching, all the resources I have got! [Gives me confidence]
  5. Making Contingency Plans [Helps me overcome fear/be prepared for failure!]
  6. Staying positive! [Always say 'Yes!' to life!]
  7. Accept criticism [Most difficult one for me. But apparently everyone has an advice whether you asked for it or not!]
This is how I dressed for a random shopping day ;)
Pants - BCBG [10'] Also worn here
Shoes - Nine West [09']
Tank - Target [10']
Necklace - Gift [Mom, 10']
Ready 'to rock'? ;)
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