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Rhode Island

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Sometimes I feel I am born in the wrong century. I belong to the 18th [or even the early 19th] century, for sure. Live in he 'age of enlightenment', witness the Industrial Revolution, actually converse with people the way characters from Jane Austen's novels do. That would be lovely! But it's not about to happen, now is it? ... and that makes me sad!

On our last day in Boston, we took a road trip to Rhode Island which is an adjacent state to Massachusetts [and an hour drive from Boston]. We drove around Newport, Kingston and Providence. This part of U.S. reminded me of my 'fantasy-18th-century-life', which either I have already lived in my last birth or am still supposed to live through my dreams!

 Boyfriend Shirt - Banana Republic [10']; Shorts - Made from Miss Sixty Jeans [06']
Rhode Island

I guess I am blowing a kiss to the camera-man ;)
My amateur natural-photography
The poor fella was lost!
Beautiful Newport
One of the opulent Newport Mansions - The Breakers
This was the logo of a shop names - Queen of Hearts ... Cool, eh?!?

Happy to be here :)

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  1. I love this outfit, it's so relaxed and casual! And it looks like you got to see some really cool things on your trip!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  2. The outfit is fab Tanvi, specially like the necklace.
    Personally I would like to be born as a duchess or a princess and just spend my days shopping and attending balls and soirée's along with being a patron of various artists and writers:)

  3. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing. I love the allure and romance of the 18th Century too, but am pretty happy to be born when I was. Love the blogosphere!!!

  4. love these pics..i have been itching to get the same denim blue myself but haven't been able to...also like the denim on denim trend..clutch is my favorite..so head to toe perfect madame :)

  5. hey tanvi, i guess u enjoyed completely at rhode island.... i love ur bag totally and i wanted to know what a boyfriend shirt is????

  6. Ooo, I want to go here. It's such a lovely looking place. The mansion definitely looks like something out of an Austen book.

    I think I was born in the wrong era as well: I belong in the 1960's!

  7. Really love your outfit! You look lovely! The bag and shirt are great!

    Embracing Style

  8. Remember the line: "I am a 21st century girl stuck in an 18th century house". :-p

    Though, the part of the 18th century that would remain is everybody writing notes in calligraphy, na? Notes circulating with wax seals. How romantic!

    Nice pictures-very FRESH. Pretty flowers.

  9. I totally feel the same way!! I feel like I should live in some Jane Austen novel or be friends with Anne of Green Gables! Everything seemed way more enchanting and romantic then:)

    I adore your blue on denim look! You looked so gorgeous!!


  10. It's funny that you say that Tanvi, you seem such an incredible modern girl to me. But then you could certainly also have been a maker and shaker in the Age of Enlightenment!

  11. Sounds like a fun road trip! I wish I could be born in an earlier century as well, although I don't think I would be living in Jane Austen's part of the world... I think it would have been fun to be a Mughal princess ;)


  12. I love this outfit! I love most of your outfits, and your seemingly endless collection of heels. However, I LOVE this one. It is probably my favorite to date. A little preppy, a little chic, a little rock. It's a great combination.

  13. Sometimes I feel exactly the same way. But be glad you're in this century and can rock those SWEET aviators!

    ♥ V

  14. I didn't know you hit RI. Isn't Newport beautiful? I go there often since one of my dear friends lives there. And did you go into any of those mansions? they are amazing! Great outfit too. I love it. The bag is my favorite : )
    have a great weekend,

  15. Babe you look amazing, and I LOVE all of your pictures!!! you ROCK!!! happy friday darling, mwah!!! xoxo

  16. You chose the best time to visit Rhode Island..though fall would have been nice too!

    Great clicks, and you're no amateur nature photographer, the rabbit/hampster is adorable:

    Ps: Is that an evil eye pendant I spot on you?

  17. Oh I just love Newport! Glad you got to visit and she how beautiful it is. And it's so quaint too.

    Perfect outfit. And again I LOVE the bag!

    Happy weekend, honey! xoxo

  18. Hey Tanvi,
    Do you have any shopping and restaurant recommendation in Austin? planning a trip over labor day weekend..also is this the best way to contact you? I tried clicking on contact on your homepage, but it didn't work..



    Ps: I'm obsessed with all things evil eye, that's why I asked:)

  19. I just read a quote about d.i.y. Brooklyners and it was "they want to party like it's 1899." LOL. Perhaps you too!

    Rhode Island seems quite small yet alluring. Never been there, but would love to check it out. You look like you're having quite the time. Are you checking out schools?

    Thanks for you sweet comment on my blog by the way. It's so nice to get to know so many people and have a glimpse into their lives this way.

    Wishing you a happy Friday! xo. -Bella Q


  20. Cute and relaxed look, Tanvi! That building looks immensely grand.
    I'm definately born in the wrong era, I was made to covort in the mud at Woodstock in 1969, I feel cheated. xxx

  21. Isn't Rhode Island gorgeous - oh all those mansions. Have a lovely weekend dear!

  22. the first pic says it all, the fun ur having and how relaxed u feel!!!
    liking your cross body bag, must get one myself!!

  23. How many pair of shorts do you own women ?? totally showing off your hot legs eh? ;)
    Hotness :-)

  24. My favorite combo blue on blue..love the color of ur shirt and Karla's bag is growing on me:-)

  25. Fabulous pics Tanvi.!! Looking so good, especially that BF shirt. Loved reading.

  26. ahh...i miss east coast...you are such a stylish traveler! bon weekend, xoxo, gabrielle

  27. hey!! this is my first time here.. came via Smrithi's Vintage Obsession!

    n so liking it already... I'm gonna go thru ur previous posts in a while.. :) just wanted to say.. u're so totally pretty!! and.. u have an amazing sense of style!!:)

    p.s: sometimes, even I have the feeling.. that life should have been like in the early 19th century...[ just re-read emma ; so its after effects..;) ]

  28. u lukin gorgeous in d 1st pic!!!
    ohh n bdw luvd ur display pic, cutie:))
    keep smilin:)

  29. Awesome shots! I love your bag! can we know a little more about it? its just divine!
    xo M

  30. You look gorgeous, love the casual chic! I used to live in Providence, and it's my favorite place I've ever lived. I heart Rhode Island! XO!

  31. Sexy pics as usual..esp the first one!! the bag is hot (where is it from?) and those aviators really suit your face shape!!

  32. It would be so nice to actually be a part of the Industrial Revolution... it's one of my fantasies too.

    You look fab... love the double denim look. xoxo

  33. RI is on my list of places to go. We are planning a trip late August. I'm so excited. Looks like you had a jolly time:)

  34. You know I love this look. I also love your hair. I think you took some really great photos. Hope you have a great weekend. See ya next week!

  35. finallyyyyyyyyy I manage to open your page...been trying to do so from daysss and every other blog page would open but yours*talk about perseverance*

    though I was reading them all through the Google reader but could not comment...

    so hey gorgeous...I am back n hopefully would now go through all the pages...

    did I mention above that u look as cute-hot as ever?
    and only YOU can look hot n cute at the same time;-)

  36. i'm quite convinced I belong to that century too, even something older :) and that, I also belong to boyfriend shirts! You look so pretty! :)

  37. such adorable outfit! i wish i could travel in time and 'visit' all the past epoques!

  38. I'd loved to have lived in another age. Your trip photos are great.

  39. You look absolutely amazing! My favorite outfit of yours. I love the bag the most!!!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  40. I looove you from the bottom of my bottomless heart in this one!! :) You look chic chic chic! :) Ohhh and I adore that bag as well!



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