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Rhode Island

Sometimes I feel I am born in the wrong century. I belong to the 18th [or even the early 19th] century, for sure. Live in he 'age of enlightenment', witness the Industrial Revolution, actually converse with people the way characters from Jane Austen's novels do. That would be lovely! But it's not about to happen, now is it? ... and that makes me sad!

On our last day in Boston, we took a road trip to Rhode Island which is an adjacent state to Massachusetts [and an hour drive from Boston]. We drove around Newport, Kingston and Providence. This part of U.S. reminded me of my 'fantasy-18th-century-life', which either I have already lived in my last birth or am still supposed to live through my dreams!

 Boyfriend Shirt - Banana Republic [10']; Shorts - Made from Miss Sixty Jeans [06']
Rhode Island

I guess I am blowing a kiss to the camera-man ;)
My amateur natural-photography
The poor fella was lost!
Beautiful Newport
One of the opulent Newport Mansions - The Breakers
This was the logo of a shop names - Queen of Hearts ... Cool, eh?!?
Happy to be here :)
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