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More Revelations [and Pizza!]

Continuing from my story here, I have realized I many more revelations to make. 

You know how being alone has a side effect called 'loneliness'? I figured that it has many more side effects, one of which is 'empowerment'! Over time you realize that if you have the strength to power through the 'lonliness-alone-phase' and extract productivity [along with creativity and positivity] you are gonna be just fine. If you can motivate yourself to push your boundaries and do everything you ever wanted to, you have pretty-much mastered the art to enjoy your own company. 

The fear 'to be alone' has disappeared. I have found it within me to face all problems and obstacles head on without someone to lead my way or hold my hand and guide. And of course I am not really 'all alone'. I have my supportive loving husband at all times. But even when I feel the lack of any family/friend's support I always look deep within and find enough zeal to enjoy my life and make most of what I have. And I have plenty! 

So, this is not really a memoir of 'see-how-amazingly-amazing-I-am' [which I am! ;)] but just an acknowledgment of strength which I believe everyone can find within if they really try. 

And if ever you don't find that life is treating you fair - Have a Pizza! [Haha!] That's what I do. A healthy thin crust with loads of vegetables [which is home baked] is our [Me & Mr.'s] ultimate comfort food. 

We love Pizza! Anytime. Any day! 
Spinach, Goat Cheese, Red Onions, Multi-colored peppers