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Shoes - Michael Kors [10']
I am standing in the rain! [Things we do for pictures!]
Skirt - BCBG [09'] Also worn here and here 
Tee - Walmart [10'] For $5.00 [Yay!]

Happy 4th of July to all my American Readers!

I have been living in this country for almost 3 years now, and I have to say I love it here. Of course I love the comforts and the easy lifestyle [not to forget the fabulous shopping!] but above all I appreciate the freedom it has provided me to be myself. Could I not be myself in my own country? I probably could, but not without offending a few [if not all, with the riot that I am!]. 

I am aware that this country has it's shortcomings like any other country, but the 'pros' happen to work in my favor. In spite of living the most parts of the past three years singularly, I still feel satisfied and accomplished in my life [within the possibilities that I was offered and could explore!]. Having lived in 5 countries in my life [so far] I can safely say that it was only possible here in U.S.! 

While growing up the picture painted of U.S.A. was mostly based on its 'forward-culture', 'divorce rates' and 'old age homes'. Yes, all this is true but not necessarily bad. After living here and interacting with many Americans I have found that they are as family oriented, culturally inclined, and warm as us Asians [if not more!]. We are too quick to judge them just because they happen to think differently than us. While, on the contrary, most of them are open to understanding our culture! While they are adopting all the virtues of the east [tea, yoga, spices, cotton] we are still too stubborn to see the positives in them [barring their fashion, (junk) food, and 'so-called-forward-thinking']. Wouldn't it be wonderful if people viewed all cultures and religions with an open mind? And while they are at it also gained the patience to accept that just because something is different doesn't mean it is wrong or that your's is better? Ah! Me and my wishful thinking ...

On an absolutely unrelated topic, I am really 'psyched' about being featured as Deepti's First Psychedelic Superstar here [on 1st of July 2010]. She is too sweet and very kind. Do check out her blog here and you can also read my 'humble' interview here