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Haircut, July 16th 2010 [Ha!]

We'll take a day break and resume my Wedding Drama, again tomorrow. Today, let's come back to 2010, where I have just got a fabulous hair cut [I like it! and that's what matters :P] and am going to be in Boston for a week. No. Not a vacation. Husband has a professional-workshop. I am just tagging along and going to run my usual life from a hotel room instead of home!

Top - Bershka [Dubai, 07']
Pants - BCBG [10'] Also worn here and here
Belt - Fendi [06']
Booties - Local Boutique [10']

I am obsessed with these pants. Yes, Sir! I am. Every time I am staring at my closet, wondering what to wear, my eyes run straight to these pants and I just-have-to-pick-them-up! So this would be my third twist. This time I paired them with one of my favorite-old top. And this is how I dressed to go watch Inception

Movie Review? Anyone? It started off slow [I was seriously dozing-off and had to stuff myself with popcorn to stay awake!] but after an hour is caught up and how! It is an interesting concept with some mind blowing graphics and special effects. The screenplay is a real 'hero' as it walks you through the whole 'idea' of the movie, quite well. You are not at all left confused at the end [It does happen to me in quite a few futuristic/graphic-y movies]. It is indeed an interesting and novel concept. Leo is top-notch. [Does he ever look bad? I mean really? I think, not! And no matter whether the movie tanks or rises, he somehow is always a winner!] However, Marion Cotillard didn't have much 'meat' to her role. She was a waste, in my opinion. [By waste I mean, anyone could have done that role. She didn't really bring anything special to the table! Besides her gorgeous face and locks!]

Bottom-line: Definitely worth a watch.