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Engagement, May 11th 2007

1:01 AM

Entering the Venue, together! 
Dancing, I guess?!? :P
Ah! Good Old Days :)

This is not a custom. It is up to the family to throw an engagement party or not. My father loves throwing parties so no way were we not celebrating every.single.thing! :) It was a bad stormy evening. The outdoor decorations got destroyed, the guests had quite difficulty in getting to the venue. I too, got a little wet. But I was only worried about my blow dry! It did get a little ruined but 'surprisingly' I was not at all a bridezilla. I kind of had a 'doesn't matter' attitude throughout that phase [which is very unlike me! Really!!!] and it is not really visible in the pictures, so clearly 'doesn't matter! :)

Most Indian girls wear Lehenga at ALL their ceremonies [So clearly I couldn't do that]. I love Sarees. They are my favorite form of clothing. If I wasn't living in the U.S. I would wear them every day. I am absolutely comfortable in them, do not fidget at all and can also tie them myself quite well. [No one has taught me, I learnt myself! Yay!] This is also a very unconventional color for an Indian bride. Most common colors worn are shades of Red, Bright shades of Pink, Green, Orange, etc. [you get the point!]. I love brown. Just love it. May be 'coz it's earthy! Anyhoo, I saw this Saree at Shantanu and Nikhil and knew that it was the one. Also the blouse is not visible in the pictures but it was the highlight. It's pleated, V-neck and deep back [sesky! ;)]!  

Hair and Make Up
Well, you already know about the hair-story. Besides that it was the same simple blow dry. No Curls. No rollers. As for make-up, I was feeling experimental so asked her to do a subtle smokey eye but not with the darker shades of brown, instead the lighters one. I was very happy with it. I think it came out real-good!

Simple and Classy! Wanted the focus to stay on the Saree and the 'ring' :o)

P.S. Thank You for all the lovely comments and interest you are showing in my 'Special Week'. I am sorry that I haven't had a chance to read blogs or answer to your questions. I have been a little swamped with work & life lately. I will surely get around it soon. Happy Weekend!  

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  1. WOW! You look beyond gorgeous here! I love this outfit even more than the ceremony one! The saree is amazing, and the shirt goes with all the detailing so well. Great make-up again too! I love your husband's outfit as well! You make such a beautiful couple! Thank you for sharing these photos!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  2. u r looking stunning!! u guys looks so cute:-)love the colors of the saree and def. love the highlights in ur hair..ur necklace is very unique and goes well with the dress. Looking forward to more pics and ur review of Inception..

  3. hey...you are a stunner tanvi...
    loved loved loved your neck jewel...
    it must have felt good...engagement is such an excitement...just about to be married but not yet...so much admiration from in laws..a very special bond with family and a sense of belonging to someone...must have felt good...is in't?
    lookin forward to see the d day pics soon...
    love love

  4. Absolutely beautiful, Tanvi. Love this color on you!

    And you and your husband look so radiant and happy in these pictures :)

    Leia's Delights

  5. Gorgeous babe! The saree looks lovely, nice choice of colour and you stand out from all other brides because, you made no fuss. Simple, elegant and glam. Thats the same with your blog and writing too. So simple and down to earth. Looking forward to more pics...mehendi, sangeet and wedding-reception! BTW hubby looks cute too! :)


  6. Superb photography.. :)
    Really nice attire.. I dont think any such dress is present in this world that doesnt suit you.. ;)
    Truely 'Beautiful' ! :)

  7. I loveee the saree! Very unconventional and very classy. Even the makeup was done really nice.The hair also complements the look. Perfect.

    Good times!

    I actually miss our Indian wedding celebrations. They are so much fun. Maybe on fifth anniversary, can retake vows and do it all over again...especially the sangeet :-p Give all the friends a chance to dress up, dance, celebrate MARRIAGE!

  8. i was going to talk about the jewelry- I love the simplicity, and you're right not very common for a bride to wear this colour, but it looks stunning :)

  9. I love the last pic. Contrast with this you'd qualify for skinny now you know. :D

  10. Love everything about your look!

    Love the second pic! Yet again, You both look adorable!

  11. wow congratulations dear,you look beautiful perfect

  12. You look GORGEOUS. I love that you were most worried about your blow out. A girl after my own heart.

  13. Ooooo, they're beautiful pictures. You look so stunning here. I love the saree you're wearing, and your hair looks fantastic.

  14. the first thing i noticed, is the sari...it is quite a different color from the usual indian wedding staples colors for a bride and i so much liked it!!!!

    the make up and the jwellery is just perfect to go along with the sari.

  15. Aww Tanvi, sweetheart, you look sooo beautiful! The saree --you're rocking it! And Ashish looks handsome! You guys are touchwood, a lovely couple! :) Muah!

  16. Ah you look all lit up :) Love your necklace and that saree is wow! Sedate yet wonderful :)

  17. love the minimalist approach..i didn't quite follow it on my wedding but love it on you..btw I should have featured this on my blog..a perfect real life wedding..and you do look good with some weight on..your face looks bright and fuller..i would say don't worry about reducing too much..:)

  18. you are STUNNING. the pictures are so lovely. congratulations again! xoxolannie.

  19. Just amazing. You are so pretty in these pics.

  20. Your hair looks perfect and well done for making your own dress and colour choices - You look absolutely stunning and beautiful on this special day! xo

  21. The second pic is tooo cute! And love the color of that blouse..very pretty..and now a shot of the ring, please!!;)

  22. Ummm I also agree with Sovina in that your face looks better fuller. Of course that in no way has anything to do with the fact that you have a great body now and that you shoud keep it that way! Only if God gave us the magic to remove/add fats from where we wanted to! :P :)

  23. BLESS YOU both.Have a happy life togethr.

  24. The saree is beautiful and I really like the pic of you two dancing together

  25. Your make up is gorgeous and so natural looking too! Love the snaps

  26. i love ur ideology of everything- the outfit, the jewellery, the hair etc... ur completely becuming my role model now tanvi..... im taking tips frm u how to be a lil diferent ;)...
    its great to read ur blogs

  27. you know not everyone can pull off a saree with elegance and you sure have! love the saree color!

    My friend's gonna teach me to wear one today coz I got to wear it for a wedding this weekend..hopefully it won't fall apart..eeeekkks :D

  28. You looked stunning in a saree!!
    Have been on an unofficial vacation from my blog and have so much catching up to do!!
    Will see ya around!!

  29. You are STUNNING. You are just SUCH a superstar!

    I am unable to truly convey how reading and seeing all this makes me feel. I am aware I am over gushing [gees. what's new?] but... I just love love love love LOVE this.

    ...and although you were sicker than sick... you just glow in these images!

  30. How did I miss this post-you look sensational girl!

  31. OOh so glad i found this. I can keep looking at these pictures. without having the intention of a stalker, promise.
    Ur hair and make up is awesome!!

  32. Just two words to describe how you look- ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!! I so so soooooooooooo love your saree ... <3

  33. you look absolutely stunning and gorgeous here...the saree is beautiful..and your expressions priceless :D

  34. i love your attire..!!!
    you've kep it so subte and yet sexyyy..!!




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