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Engagement, May 11th 2007

Entering the Venue, together! 
Dancing, I guess?!? :P
Ah! Good Old Days :)

This is not a custom. It is up to the family to throw an engagement party or not. My father loves throwing parties so no way were we not celebrating every.single.thing! :) It was a bad stormy evening. The outdoor decorations got destroyed, the guests had quite difficulty in getting to the venue. I too, got a little wet. But I was only worried about my blow dry! It did get a little ruined but 'surprisingly' I was not at all a bridezilla. I kind of had a 'doesn't matter' attitude throughout that phase [which is very unlike me! Really!!!] and it is not really visible in the pictures, so clearly 'doesn't matter! :)

Most Indian girls wear Lehenga at ALL their ceremonies [So clearly I couldn't do that]. I love Sarees. They are my favorite form of clothing. If I wasn't living in the U.S. I would wear them every day. I am absolutely comfortable in them, do not fidget at all and can also tie them myself quite well. [No one has taught me, I learnt myself! Yay!] This is also a very unconventional color for an Indian bride. Most common colors worn are shades of Red, Bright shades of Pink, Green, Orange, etc. [you get the point!]. I love brown. Just love it. May be 'coz it's earthy! Anyhoo, I saw this Saree at Shantanu and Nikhil and knew that it was the one. Also the blouse is not visible in the pictures but it was the highlight. It's pleated, V-neck and deep back [sesky! ;)]!  

Hair and Make Up
Well, you already know about the hair-story. Besides that it was the same simple blow dry. No Curls. No rollers. As for make-up, I was feeling experimental so asked her to do a subtle smokey eye but not with the darker shades of brown, instead the lighters one. I was very happy with it. I think it came out real-good!

Simple and Classy! Wanted the focus to stay on the Saree and the 'ring' :o)

P.S. Thank You for all the lovely comments and interest you are showing in my 'Special Week'. I am sorry that I haven't had a chance to read blogs or answer to your questions. I have been a little swamped with work & life lately. I will surely get around it soon. Happy Weekend!  
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