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Yaa! I know, what you are thinking - "She is already back from her blogging break?" Alright, so it looks like I just needed a day off. However, I am back with a dilemma. Here goes...

Few from my Non-Blogger readership has flagged issues about - "Why do you have to tell them, where you shop?" I have tried to explain them, that "that's how 'Fashion Blogging' works!" But then I was like, "Woah! Wait a sec! Who said that, that's how Fashion Blogging works?" I simply followed the bandwagon without actually giving it a second thought, up until today. 

So here I am asking you all to solve this dilemma for me. Please answer my short poll below and help me put-a-cork-in-it, once and for all. You can choose more than one option and if you have something more to add please do so in the comment section. Appreciate it! :) 

How do you perceive the bloggers when they state the brand of the item they wore?

  • Unnecessary
  • Helpful [incase you would like to buy it too]
  • Secretly judge them by what/where they shop
  • Simply entertaining
  • Show-ing off!