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Boston ... so far

Warning - This is a Photo-heavy post! Nothing much to report, besides that I love Boston. I was here just 2 months back in spring [April] so say Goodbye to a friend who was graduating from MIT and moving to London, U.K. for good *sad.face*. I miss her terribly since I am staying next to where she was putting up. Phew! Oh well! But life goes on ... doesn't it? 

By the Charles River [Cambridge in the background!]
Shirt - Banana Republic [10']; Shorts - Gap [09']; Belt - Urban Outfitters [10']
Husband is entertained by the architecture here. 
He is clicking more pictures of the buildings than of me :P
Self-Explanatory!??! [:)]
Life without Pizza and Riesling wouldn't be worth living!
At Kendal Square, meeting friends for lunch :)
Dress - Gift [Megha, 10']; Belt - J.Crew [10']; Shoes - Tory Burch [10']
That's one adorable baby! She is a Total Girly Girl...I had so much fun with her. 
She called me, "Tanvi Aunty" and I didn't mind it one bit. No Really!
Made me feel all grown up [for a change!...*giggle*]
All of us with the statue of John Harvard
How lucky are kids? Very! Trust me! 
They do not have to walk, if they don't want to. Isn't it?!?!

Good Times! Life is Beautiful
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