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Bhajan Sandhya, July 21st 2007

1:03 AM

Do I look like I am paying attention? I am a good actress :P
That's me and my Dad doing the last prayers for the evening

So after the 'partying' I went back to the hospital bed and rested for a day and a half. My fever was in control but they still didn't know what exactly was wrong with me. Apparently I had caught some viral. Anyhooo, I was released just 2 days before the wedding and it was Bhajan Sandhya [translation - A Prayer Evening]

In Hindu religion we have 1000's of Gods whom we pray to for different reasons. Many families pray to one God or Goddess while others pray equally to all. We are one of the later families. So the ceremony is supposed to be an auspicious occasion to begin the 'marital' process on a holy note. 

So we all already know I love Sarees. I loved the color combination of this Saree and thought it was appropriate for the occasion. I also had a Salwar Kameez on stand by just-in-case I changed my mind, but I seldom change my mind [last minute!]. 

Hair, Make Up, Jewelry
Simple and easy to handle. Just how I like it. 

Looking back at my pictures, I am glad I never looked like a Christmas Tree on any of the days. There is an element of 'me' in each outfit. Nothing about my clothes/make up/jewelry was from a 'cookie-cutter-bridal-mold'. 

Wouldn't you agree?!?!

And after 'the prayers' we head straight ... 
to celebrate my second last night of being 'single'. 

I couldn't have my bachelorette party since I fell sick! *blah*
My two favorite girls = Namrata & Anita & Me = Last 'woman' standing
i.e. First Nam got married, then Ani and LAST me! All three within 8 months. 
Exactly like in the order of this picture!

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  1. :) I agree you have you in all the pics you've shared so far! and I love the pictures in the end, with the girls!

  2. I agree the saree is apt for the occasion and pretty too.
    Your eye make up looks fab.

  3. Loving this series...and yes there is a "you" in every attire of yours and I dont like decked up brides too ( infact I dont like decked up people) it shows lack of taste...and you are looking super pretty in all these outfits...waiting for the next post :)
    and I love sarees to death too... nice to meet like minded people...

  4. Oh Tanvi... you are so SO beautiful... You look like a star. well, you are!

    I LOVE that sari. LOVE. the colours on you are magic.

  5. You look pretty in Saree sp.this color.
    Very nice friends,good human being n very loving people.ROCK ON!

  6. The serenity, the poise of the first picture makes me love you a little extra! :) You look gorgeous.

    After a while when the asliyat (:P) surfaces (why do you have mineral water in your hand huh? umm okay, you were on alcohol ban) you look hot there too. Hmmm. :)

    Hugs hon!

  7. Hey gorgeous!

    Love the first pic...the hair and the jewelry...and I love the saree...the colors!


  8. You look gorgeous and I just *heart* the jewellery! :)

  9. I love visiting nostalgic lane that runs through your wedding dates!!

    FUN!! Can't wait to see moreeee!

    I like the first photograph with the blurred background.

  10. You look like such a bacha in the first pic :) Total child bride vibe! Avoiding being a Christmas tree is a such a great tip for brides to be. Love the jewelry you have on too :)

  11. Beautiful sari Tanvi dear. And I love the picture of you and your friends :) it's so nice to have a girl group like that!

    Leia's Delights

  12. Love the green on you - so delicate and fresh! You look great in all the photos! My best friends got married within 3 weeks and I got married 3 years later!

  13. Gorgeous first picture Tanvi!

    YOu look totally mollycuddlable (if thats even a word)!

    I am gonna replicate your last picture for my girls meet this saturday...I have that jacket lying in my closet since a long time, not sure what to team it with without looking dressy - your look is gonna be ideal.

    You wouldn't mind,wouldja?


  14. I love sarees too babes n must say that u luk as nice in traditional attire as in western!!!:)

  15. It might be the fever ;-) but you are literally glowing in the first picture. So beautiful! I totally agree, every picture and outfit shows a different facette of you. xo

  16. Your mother is such a beautiful woman, really! I'm speechless! I know where all your beauty comes from...!

  17. You are absolutely stunning in that saree! And yes, I agree that you have that glow in your face!!

    I love wearing sarees too but I wish they were a bit more comfortable! The last time I wore a saree, my blood circulation was almost cut off:P


  18. My daughter Laila loves this outfit. She is in love with Indians and wants a Saree. My dads mom is from India but was raised in Belize.
    You look so beautiful. I agree, you look like you, not like you were all made up. Stunning!

  19. Does the divine being KNOW if you are acting? Just wondering :-)

  20. Priscila BarrenecheaJuly 21, 2010 at 12:47 PM

    you look so young in this pic! and a bit frightened.... hehehehe

  21. I Love the first pic - u look really pretty..The saree color is gorgeous and u are so tastefully done:-) cool u did not go overboard on bling bling..something about marriage makes girls wear all the gold they have!!

  22. Wow I love hearing all of the details of your ceremony~Such beautiful traditions:) Your Saree is glad your are feeling better!

  23. You looked GORGEOUS! I love your makeup!

  24. Gorgeous!! I love these outfits! You look so dignified. Love the colours too.
    p.s: thank you for your message.


  25. Happy Almost Anniversary! You looked beautiful, despite the sickness.

  26. {hi from california} i like your style^__^ i blog about asian related fashion and i would love to do a post on indian saree. wondering if you would be interested in collaborating with me. let me know & you can reach me at {cheers, keep up your lovely style}


  27. I love the colour of that saree on you! It's bright and fun, but still refined and elegant. So pretty!! You're lucky that you got out of the hospital with enough time to have some fun with your girlfriends before your wedding!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  28. Here I am sitting and working on a presentation at this deathly hour, and i think of peeking into the blog and your comment awaits!

    LOL. First thing I need to ask is where the hell did he get the name Sanjana?!!

    Anyhow, the fact that someone would go thru all this ado cz he expects business with me is amusing! I'll buzz him. Thanks.

    And hey reply to Maubrey, plz! I couldnt help but take that jibe. Yeah, I'm evil. :P

    p.s : I cannot get over how gorgeous you look inn the first snap. Nazar na lage.

    :* :) :*

  29. in bengali we say a word MISHTI..
    u personify it lil darl

  30. The color of that sari looks great on you! And love your eye makeup as well..I'm glad you're taking the time out to even write about the rituals..I'm so clueless about everything that happens..I always think about how lost I would be in my wedding!! Reading very attentively! :P

  31. Hi Tanvi! This has nothing to do with this post, but I wanted to make sure to get in touch with you so you didn't think I'm a complete B*tch!! I saw that you're in Boston, and I had plans to email you and try to meet up, but I've gotten a really nasty cold that has just put a kink in all my plans! I'm finally starting to get better, but now I have loads of catch up to do for work before I go away for the weekend. I hope you are enjoying Boston, and if you come here often, I would love to meet up with you on your next trip! I'm so sorry for the inconvenient timing of my bad health!! Safe travels back to Texas.

  32. Wow that first pix took my breath away! What a show stopper!!! Love seeing these pix and thx again for sharing this with us. Loving it :)

    Oh and come on down! 4 hrs isn't so bad :) xoxo

  33. You look stunning in that first picture, yes, very reverent! I love this, thank you so much for sharing your special day with us and all of the details, it really is cool, Tanvi!

  34. Hey, you looked so different back then, I mean you looked cute:) I like your hairstyle too. I just love looking at wedding trousseau. It's so much fun!

  35. I love the teal/turquiose colour on you. Good choice

  36. Ana Mayela MartinezJuly 22, 2010 at 8:01 AM

    u said u prayed to 1000´s of gods!!! i´ll b scared too!!! u look so pretty ntw! :)

  37. that color is gorgeous. I was wearing the same color when I came to Mai-ke (Correct spelling??) for the first time after shaadi..its a big deal in Andhra you have something similar up north?



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