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Bhajan Sandhya, July 21st 2007

Do I look like I am paying attention? I am a good actress :P
That's me and my Dad doing the last prayers for the evening

So after the 'partying' I went back to the hospital bed and rested for a day and a half. My fever was in control but they still didn't know what exactly was wrong with me. Apparently I had caught some viral. Anyhooo, I was released just 2 days before the wedding and it was Bhajan Sandhya [translation - A Prayer Evening]

In Hindu religion we have 1000's of Gods whom we pray to for different reasons. Many families pray to one God or Goddess while others pray equally to all. We are one of the later families. So the ceremony is supposed to be an auspicious occasion to begin the 'marital' process on a holy note. 

So we all already know I love Sarees. I loved the color combination of this Saree and thought it was appropriate for the occasion. I also had a Salwar Kameez on stand by just-in-case I changed my mind, but I seldom change my mind [last minute!]. 

Hair, Make Up, Jewelry
Simple and easy to handle. Just how I like it. 

Looking back at my pictures, I am glad I never looked like a Christmas Tree on any of the days. There is an element of 'me' in each outfit. Nothing about my clothes/make up/jewelry was from a 'cookie-cutter-bridal-mold'. 

Wouldn't you agree?!?!

And after 'the prayers' we head straight ... 
to celebrate my second last night of being 'single'. 

I couldn't have my bachelorette party since I fell sick! *blah*
My two favorite girls = Namrata & Anita & Me = Last 'woman' standing
i.e. First Nam got married, then Ani and LAST me! All three within 8 months. 
Exactly like in the order of this picture!
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