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Anniversary Dinner

Recently, in a conversation, my husband called me 'easy-going' and 'chilled-out' to one of our friends [and he said it as a compliment!]. Which got me thinking, "Really?!" I mean it's great that he thinks that but I actually always thought of myself as a one-complicated-confused-person. I judge. I am a prude. I like people with manners and personality. And I have even started filtering people from my life and have become picky about whom I decide to be 'real' friends with! [Well, you see when you start enjoying your own company the most; the other person really has to be interesting enough to even bother to strike up a conversation!]. 

Oh Well, I am kind of diverting from my original intention for this post. Believe it or not this post is not going to be about me [*wicked.grin*], well not entirely at least! So I was telling you about my husband. Besides being a die-hard-romantic, he is also pretty easy-going and non-tension-taking-kinda-person [quite a contrast to me!]. It amazes me to see his ability to smile even when things are not going as planned, or if we are near to broke, or even when I am saying the meanest things on earth to him. [Yeah! I know, he is a keeper!]. 

Three years into the marriage, and I believe the fun has just begun. Why? Well, 'coz now he can predict my mood swings and adapt to them in advance [*magic*]. Now he knows what makes me anxious and what makes me happy. Now he knows when to go get me chocolate pronto and when to take that bag of MnM away from me [before I start chewing the wrapper]. And the most important reason - yesterday while we were unpacking after returning from Boston, he saw my shoe collection and said, "You do not have that many shoes! Everyone exaggerates. There is still space for one more rack here!" And NO! he was not being sarcastic! 

God Bless his soul and may we live happily ever after. And in 'non-fairytale-world' is means that even though we might squabble [every now-and-then], but we make-up real soon! Right?

This is how I dressed for dinner at Penang 
[Best Malaysian Food I have ever eaten!]
Me & Mr. Fabulous
Dress - Anniversary Gift [Aunt, 10'] 
(Same Aunt who visited me last month!)
Earrings - ASOS [10']
Shoes - BCBG [10']
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