Why did I start Blogging?

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Lately I have been haunted with the question - Why did I start Blogging? Well, I know why I did it. But 'reaaallllly' in a broader spectrum of life - Why? Everyone knows the factual history of this blog but lately I have realized there is an emotional [deeper] level to it all, as well. 

When I got married and moved to U.S., I had no friends [None.Nil.Nada.Zilch.Zero!] and no family either [I have two cousins who are more than 3 hour-flight-away!]. I had to look for ways to keep myself busy and productive [Can't work due to stupid immigration laws! Agrh!

And just like that, one day I started blogging. I didn't have any expectations or any agenda from this activity. It was simply my way of venting out my thoughts [And man! Do I have too many thoughts or Do I have too many thoughts?]. I am an [over] expressive person. I need to say what is on my mind. I am not one those silent-surffering-sorta-woman. If I have something to say, someone within 100 yards radius will have to hear it [I do talk to strangers too!].

Mostly, my husband was my punching bag [not literally!] It's just a metaphor ... Duhh! [Don't believe him if he tells you otherwise!] but then I decided to stop torturing him [Hence, the blog!]. 'Coz let's face it how much can he go on hearing? Poor scientist, he works 10 hours a day and then get's bombarded with my stories as soon as he steps in [Imagine if my mouth is 'shut' for 10 hours how I might be rambling on at the first sight of any prey?]

Anyhooooo, the blog helped me a lot. First I had a simple template and only 5 people who used to read it daily - Mom, Brother, Husband, Meetu D [Cousin] and Anita [BFF]. Slowly the readers grew [word of mouth I guess!]. I didn't have any widgets, no google friend connect, nothing! After an year of 'fitness-marriage-life-etc.-related-blogging' I discovered Fashion Blogs via Amy B.S. @ tastes like red. She was the only blogging-friend I had for the whole year. I never bothered surfing any other blog except her's and Shobha De's. Then one day I discovered What I Wore which opened up a whole new world for me. I started clicking pictures of my outfits every now and then and posted them once a month all in one post. Then my cousin, Meetu D suggested that I do an outfit-of-the-day as she really appreciated my dressing-sense. And I thought to myself, "Hmmm! Why not? This could be fun!" 

Since then there has been no looking back. I have been posting pictures quite frequently and have added all these 'fundu' widgets and signed up in all the fashion communities and came across some out-of-this-world-fabulous blogs and even more fabulous bloggers [some of whom have now become my friends outside the blogging world! Yay!!] Initially I only had 7 followers on google connect and now? ... last I checked it said 61! All out-of-no-where. I didn't ask anyone to follow my blog. Didn't ask anyone to come check out my blog. Neither did I run any giveaways. Not that there is anything wrong with doing any of those things [I am only trying to make a point here. Have patience, I am getting to it *impatient.eye.roll*].

The idea of this blog was always to express myself. Be myself. Be honest and voice my opinions. While doing that I may have made a connection with few, or offended a few. But hey! I am not weathered by either of those reactions. I cannot let people decide for me what I will blog about. You will just have to trust me and go with my rhythm. 

However, I do want to stay away from the herd mentality of gaining followers, or having numerous comments, etc. Every blog has an aim and reason for it's existence. Mine just happens to be for personal satisfaction & personal expression. If you like what you see and decide to follow me or leave a comment - You really really make my day and bring a big monkey-grin on my face! But if you do not like my blog, then move-on-buddy there is definitely a blog out-there-some-where that you will like! Bon chance! 

This is how I had dressed for a random evening sometime last week!
Belt - Target [09']; Scarf - Express [10']
Top - Banana Republic [10']; Skirt - French Connection [06'] 
Shoes - Flea Market [London, 09']

This is the exact same outfit as worn here, only with a different color shoes & accessories! 

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