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What's in your bag?

Holly & Sally @ Hippie By Heart. Thinks Fashion Is Art tagged me last week in their post What's in your bag? Sorry girls that I took my sweet time to do this but here I am.  

Everyone knows that I advocate 'Light Travel' i.e. least amount of luggage with maximum number of wardrobe changes. But I am incapable of carrying a 'Light Handbag'. Often [more than I care for] people have asked me, "What's in your bag? Why is it so big & heavy?" I have always responded saying, "I carry my home with me." But now everyone will know exactly what's in it, so please stop asking? [Hope it's doesn't alert the "OMG Police" for my bag probably has the whole world in it]. 

What all do you see here?
1. Blue Bag
2. Black Wallet
3. White Coupon Holder
4. Brown Pouch
5. Note Pad
6. Cheque books
7. Facial Wipes
8. Small Camera
9. Keys

That small pouch holds all the following:
Compact Mirror
Nail Cutter/Filler
Lip Balm
Lip Gloss
Stain Remover
Fashion Tape
Hand Creme
Hand Sanitizer
Small Perfume
Memory Card Reader
Pen Drive

Everything does manage to fit just-right-in!

Coupon Holder
I carry all sorts of membership cards, reward cards, discount coupons!
Like every where in the world, now there is a club/membership for everything. 
If you become a member eventually you shall qualify to receive discounts 
[or even free stuff every once in a while!
Clearly I am a member of sooo many that i need a separate holder of it :P

That's my Bag with everything placed nicely [diagonally] in side!

And here I am ... carrying it all its glory [and weight!]

P.S. You will notice that I do not keep my mobile phone and sunglasses in the bag, 'coz I always have the phone in my hands and the shades are either in my car or I pickup the one I fancy from my closet!

So, here are the rules of the tag:
Click pictures of what is inside your bag and describe the contents [Done- √]
Link to the blog of the person who has tagged you [Done- √]
Tell us what is your favourite thing in your bag! [Errrr... Can I answer 'everything'?]
Tag at least 5 other bloggers [Here goes...]
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