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Things that turn me off!

10 Things that turn me off!
  1. Unsolicited Advice
  2. Being pushed or guilt-tripped into eating 'more' food
  3. Lack of principles and weak character
  4. Back-biting
  5. People asking me to 'follow' their blogs
  6. Indecisiveness
  7. Unhygienic -> Everything! [Home, people, food, etc.
  8. Anonymous comments!
  9. Unkept/Unwashed/Smelly Hair
  10. People irresponsible towards their health
With soooo many awards and tags floating around, I suddenly got the itch to have one of my own. So this is the list of few things that are 'currently' getting on my nerves. Of course, the list keeps changing and it's in no particular order. 

I have tagged 10 bloggers whose list I would realllly-realllly like to know! Will you PLEASE oblige? 
  1. Leia @
  2. Karishma @
  3. Sovina @
  4. Upasna @
  5. Holly & Sally @
  6. Ruhi & Faiza @
  7. Kiran @
  8. The Mommy @
  9. Deepti @
  10. Spardha @
P.S. Non-Bloggers are also WELCOME to leave their lists in the comment box. It would be so much fun to read. Don't you think?

Necklace - Flea Market [Ladakh, 09']

Dress - Promod [Delhi, 10']

Shoes - Spring [10']
Also, wore this dress here and here

Happy Monday, ya'll!
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