Story of my Tattoo[s]

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Yesterday I got a request, from Sonali @ Bollywood Style Dairies, Viintii [an old gym-buddy from Delhi] & Dusk @ The Dusk Zone, to do a post on my tattoos. And Ms. Efficient that I am, I got to it right away! Also, luckily I had these pictures already lined up to post which show my first tattoo. [Yes! I have two!!!]

First Tattoo

The First Tattoo is in Japanese Script Kanji and it says "Wicked" [or at least that's what I was told :P] I got this done in December of 2003. Why? No reason, really. I was visiting Delhi, India after 4 years for a childhood friend's "child" wedding [She was only 21!!!]. I had left India in 1998 and moved to Dubai, back then there were no malls in the city. When I returned in 2000 there was only Ansal Plaza [South Delhi] and the good old street shopping. But when I returned in 2003 there were all these big-crowded-malls around the city. So while strolling through one of these malls in Gurgaon, I came across a Tattoo parlour called 'Funky Monkey'. I entered it and out-of-no-where decided spontaneously to get a tattoo some place where I can't see it everyday. And that's the non-exciting story of my First Tattoo. 

Second Tattoo
The Second Tattoo is an Ambigram which read 'Life' if you read it straight but reads 'Death' if you turn it upside down [or when you read it from where my eyes are! :)] Anita [BFF] was visiting me in Delhi [Sept, 2006] before her wedding [Jan 2007] and wanted to get a tattoo before she got married [Don't ask me, Anita - Tell everyone WHY!?]. But was a little scared to do it alone. I had got my first tattoo without any permission from my parents [You all know my Mother, by now, don't you? What do you think? Did she approve? - You think right! :P] so I was a little skeptical about doing it again! But then I am a rebel-without-a-cause, so the day she was leaving [back for Dubai], just few hours before her flight we decided to get it done. Same tattoo, Same place! 

With Anita at her Youngsters [Dec 2006]
Same Tattoo!!!

The Third Tattoo - Now, after the second tattoo, I thought, "Alright! I will get just one more, but after marriage." With my husband's name or our initials or something cheesy like that! But guess what? My husband doesn't like tattoos [I am sooooooo glad I got the other two before marriage now :P] If, he ever changes his mind, I plan to get one more. Where? That's yet to be decided! 

Anyhoooo, in the meantime, this is how I dressed to beat the Texan heat! 
Hairpin - From local grocery store [09'] 
[Why, hairpin? 'Coz this is the waiting period between hair cuts!]
Dress - Urban Outfitters [09']
Neck 'thing' & bracelets - Khan Market [Delhi, 07']; Shoes - Stolen [Mom's 10'] 
Earrings - ASOS [10']

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