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Southern Hospitality

Me with my wicked smile :)
Romper - Urban Outfitters [09']; Jacket - Esprit [08']
Necklace - Somewhere!??! [08']
Slip ons - Borrowed from Mom

Me and Mom both found Raleigh to be the most friendly city we have ever visited [in our life!]. Not to brag but we both are relatively well-travelled individuals and this city and it's people took us by surprise. EVERY-SINGLE-PERSON we met was extremely pleasant and friendly. From cab-drivers, or hotel staff, to tour guide, to restaurant staff, to strangers on the street/spa/shops etc. Even the Indians [Desi] were friendly, for crying out loud

Let me explain. Mostly I have found the Indians in America to be extremely unfriendly [read: weird] people. I would be the first one to point fingers at myself and say may be it's me and/or my face but even my mother and husband also agree with me. Indians here never smile. In fact when I try and make an eye contact with them? They look right past me and then stare at me [may be] and then turn their heads away. Initially [14 years back] I found this behavior weird but now I am used to it. I give imaginary bonus points to any desi who smiles back at me in U.S.! However, in Raleigh, forget smiling, all of them said Hi! and my jaw dropped I was like 'WOAH!' Did that just happen?' 

Among other people who stood out was this cab-driver who dropped us at the downtown from the hotel. Poor guy busted his tire while dropping us and had to call for help. Nonetheless he was smiling and polite [very unusual behavior for a cab-driver in my experience]. Co-incidendly, we met him again the very next day as he was driving the cab we hailed to drop us back to the hotel [from a restaurant where I had the best meal of my life! But more about that tomorrow...]! We didn't recognize him, to be honest, but he did and started asking us how we were enjoying the city, etc.? By the end it was a vacation where the people were lovely, the weather was divine and  the scenery was breathtaking! Perfect ingredients for a good holiday, right?
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