Salsa Salad?!?

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Salsa Salad

I like colorful food. I like cooking [find it therapeutic]. And, I like innovation. Needless to say I am always 'cooking-up' [no pun intended] something or the other in my spare time. Since the dish is made from the top-of-my-head it doesn't really have a name. Hence, I give it one. So shall call this - Salsa Salad

It's quite simple really - A quarter of a Red Pepper, A quarter of a Green Pepper, one small Roma Tomato, one Serrano Pepper [Green Chillies], and two Banana Peppers. All fine chopped [I have chopped them all into really tiny squares, for aesthetic value!]. Marinate them in two teaspoons of lime juice and a pinch of salt. Refrigerate it for a few hours. Serve chilled as salad, or condiment over crackers or warm pita bread! Tastes divine. 

Don't ask me why my neck is in that weird position!
It just is ... but thankfully neck down everything else is in it's right position :P 
Dress - Zara [09']; Neck Wrap - Zara [10']; Shades - Ray Ban [10']
Bag - Fendi ; Shoes - Stolen [Mom's 10']

Yesterday evening we had to go run errands and do our shiz but husband got late coming back home and I fell asleep with my clothes & shoes on. [Incase someone was wondering why my dress is so wrinkled!] Oh! this reminds me of a story I have been meaning to tell for a long time but never remember it when I sit down to type! 

So you know, a girl has got several girly-things to take care of ... getting her eye brows done, for example? We have several 'Threading Salons' all around the city where you can get them done easily [Thank God!]! Mostly, Indian and Pakistani women work at these establishments. So more than few times I have been asked this question by them, "Are you Indian or Pakistani?" Usually, it is easy to figure out the nationality. Though we have similar features, our body language and dressing is quite different. But somehow they are not able to figure out my nationality. So I, cheekily, always ask them, "What do you think?" And 10/10 times the answer, "Pakistani?". When I ask, "Why do you think so?" They always have the same answer, "You speak very well Urdu and talk like Pakistani women. Also, your nose ring gives an inclination that you might be Pakistani!"

I do not know about other Indians but I always take this as a compliment of highest order, as I too believe that people across the border talk with honey on their tongue and man! they are pretty! So if they are comparing me to those women by these standards, I have nothing but Thank You! to say to them ... Wouldn't you agree?

P.S. They still don't know my name and always refer to me as the 'girl with the nose-ring!'

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