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Run, Fat Girl, Run

May was the month full of weddings, farewells, travels, visitors ...but... I say, "Enough!" I need to take charge of my life now. I miss my fitness and routine. I have gained about 4 pounds due to lack of exercise and intake of excessive amounts of processed sugar! Just thinking (read: typing) about it is making me 'sick-in-my-belly'! Agrh! so much hard work down the drain again

However, the positive [and opportunist] person that I am, I have decided to channel this frustration and aggression towards something I have been meaning to do for over a year but have taken my first steps to do it - only now! [Thanks Ana, for inspiring!]

I want to be a RUNNER! I want to run Marathons and be able to go on for at least 10 miles in one stretch. And that's my new goal and motivation. At the moment I am logging in a mere 2 miles in 15 minutes on the treadmill or 3 miles in 30 minutes on the track/road!

But that's it! It's about time I fought back with vengeance [WarningBeware you -> Bulge]. I do not want to be the 'Ms. Fatty Fat-terson' again! And now that I have even blogged about it, there is definitely no looking back. I will die of the public humiliation if I back-out or give up now

Also, I have heard runners (with healthy eating habits) have washboard abs! ["Hello Abs! I will see you soon now. Don't hide from-me-no-more!"Anyone, willing to join?
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