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Romance, Show-mance ;)

I am a big movie buff! I like all kinds of movies in all kinds of languages. You can say, I love cinema! Period. However, I have a special place for Indian romantic movies in my heart, of course. [Part of me is a girly girl while rest of it is a roaring lioness ;)] So while many Indian girls would swear by Shah Rukh Khan to be their favorite romantic actor, I personally prefer the cute Aamir Khan in all his earlier rom-com movies. 

Anywhoooo, while growing up I would tell my girl friends many a times that whenever I have a boyfriend/husband I would ask him to repeat all these romantic dialogues to me exactly-like-Aamir is saying them [to his leading ladies in the movies] *blush* 

Why am I telling you this now? ... You see last week me and husband were watching the first episode of ABC's this season's The Bachelorette. This was my first time viewing the reality show as I really do not get how a girl can go from one man to the next, in one day and be equally intimate and romantic with all of them, in public eye

My husband doesn't get it either and that's when he said, "Baby, if it was me The Bachelor on the show I would choose you immediately and tell the producers that I do not wish to meet any more girls. They can show our romance for the remaining of the episodes if they like!" That's when I realized, God had actually given me the cute-Aamir-kinda-romantic guy I always wanted. My husband is forever saying the most romantic things out of nowhere. He makes me laugh even in the most bizarre situations! He is romantic and funnily-cute even during are our trivial squabbles. It's hard to stay mad at someone who is always making you laugh! On the contrary I am quite-a-Hitler and not-at-all a romantic [in words!] but boy-am-I-glad-or-what! that at least one of us is... *big.grin*

Neck wrap - Zara [10']; Top - Uni Style [Delhi, 06']; Flip Flops - Diesel [10']
Skirt - Zara [10'] Same as worn here
My Romantic Hero
Earrings - ASOS [10']; Sunnies - Prada [09']

I have more family visiting me this weekend and this is what I wore while showing them around. I had worn this skirt with a pink tube top less than a month ago here. This time I have paired it with a really light-breezy lime green top. I was dying to wear this neck-wrap and finally found an opportunity. It was really comfortable for the hot-humid afternoon which was ahead of us. 

Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend so far too! 
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