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Dress - TJ Maxx [09'] (Same as worn here) ; Sunglasses - Borrowed from Husband
White top - River Island [London, 06'] (Also worn here) ; Necklace - Gift [Mom 10']
Shoes - Jessica Simpson [09']
Me - Dreaming Forever ;) 

I think this blog is becoming my alter ego. I am probably not exactly the same person as this blog might depict me to be. 'Coz really I live quite an isolated life where I spend 70% of the day alone. Sometimes to have a conversation with anyone at all seems like a chore to me. 'If you can't improve the silence, then you'd better shut up' has actually become an invisible hoarding around me, unfortunately everyone can't read it but I do try and suffice it with my body language [but even that doesn't always communicate to the dimwits! :P]

You know what I have realized lately? When we are growing up we choose friends, may be, on the basis of common interests, common backgrounds, and/or common neighborhood. But as we grow up [for some people that never happens, so there are always exception to this rule :P] the criteria changes. I cannot talk for everyone, but with time I,personally, have started choosing friends on the basis of common ideologies and principles, more than anything. One doesn't have to agree with me on everything to be my friend, but we do need to have the basic principle down-right straight, for us to have any conversation beyond the superficial pleasantries.

Am I rambling? I think I am rambling! [Must be all the early mornings :P] Oppss! It's already past my bed time [tch.tch] Catch you on the other side of the weekend!
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