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Raleigh Downtown, NC

Jacket - Esprit; Necklace - Flea Market [Ladakh 09']
Shades - Ray Bans; Dress - Flea Market [London 09'] Same as worn here

Every time when Mom visits me we go for a short Mother-Daughter Vacation to a non-touristy place and spend time doing what we love - Explore [Touristy places]. Indulge [Shopping]. Rejuvenate [Spa]. This time the 'lucky' destination was Raleigh, North Carolina. The city is absolutely calm and serene. I cannot explain why it was such a wonderful destination in words ... for there are no mountains, no beaches [at least not within 100 mile radius], and no sky scrapers. Yet it is breathtakingly beautiful and surrounded with thick, tall, luscious green trees all over the city. This was our first day out. Walking around the downtown, checking the museums and other important landmarks. Thankfully we were blessed with gorgeous-pleasant weather for all three days that we were there. More pictures to follow in the coming posts ... 

P.S. I told you l love traveling, didn't I? *wink*
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