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Polka Dots and Me

Fashion blogging is helping me streamline a lot of my clothes and the way I wear them. 

After Paisley another pattern I have discovered in my wardrobe is 'Polka-Dots'. Lately, I feel I have to make an effort to not wear Polka Dots, I simply have too many of them in my summer clothing. 

Also, now I see it as a challenge to wear my existing clothes with a twist, than to go out there and buy new ones. I have been investing in a lot more accessories [and of course shoes!] than clothes. I say, it's a great bonus, besides the fact that I am thoroughly enjoying what I do! 

Here goes, yet-another Polka-Dot prominent outfit! ;)
An evening by the Riverwalk [San Antonio, TX]
Top - macy's [07']; Shorts - Stradivarius [Dubai, 07']; Slip ons - Borrowed from Mom 
Clicked a stranger's TOMS! Obsessed with them. Need 'em. Want 'em! You?
Another stranger. Loved her dress. And her legggs! She also had sexy braids in her hair :)