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Polka Dots and Me

1:02 AM

Fashion blogging is helping me streamline a lot of my clothes and the way I wear them. 

After Paisley another pattern I have discovered in my wardrobe is 'Polka-Dots'. Lately, I feel I have to make an effort to not wear Polka Dots, I simply have too many of them in my summer clothing. 

Also, now I see it as a challenge to wear my existing clothes with a twist, than to go out there and buy new ones. I have been investing in a lot more accessories [and of course shoes!] than clothes. I say, it's a great bonus, besides the fact that I am thoroughly enjoying what I do! 

Here goes, yet-another Polka-Dot prominent outfit! ;)
An evening by the Riverwalk [San Antonio, TX]
Top - macy's [07']; Shorts - Stradivarius [Dubai, 07']; Slip ons - Borrowed from Mom 
Clicked a stranger's TOMS! Obsessed with them. Need 'em. Want 'em! You?
Another stranger. Loved her dress. And her legggs! She also had sexy braids in her hair :)

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  1. Was just going through your previous blog...and this one popped!

    Aunty looks gorgeous...wow!

    And love your pics in this one...the polka dots look cute and refreshing...!

    Have a wondeful happeee week!


    P.S. Saw karate kid...really liked it, thanks!

  2. I love polka dots tooo! Why stop wearing something that's so lovely??

  3. I have the same question as Leia : why stop wearing polka dots?? I love them!! I do love the stranger TOMS but I rarely wear flats - even my flip flops have heels :-)

  4. I love your street style photos! I would love some sparkly TOMs :)

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  5. Keep the Polka's! Team it with floral accessories adds a funk to it! Love it.

    The TOMS are hot..get get...as usual it would probably take another here till they are out here :-p

    Enjoy the summer!

  6. More than this I am loving the gray n white polka top on the side bar of your blog..gray is one of my fave colors! The denim shorts...totally my thing!

  7. Polka dots are here to stay! Why give them up? They are lovely!! Love the shoes!

  8. Love the polka dots;they are my current favourite along with denims annd florals


  9. I love that you snapped a picture of someone else's shoes. I would do the exact same thing. I am also currently hunting for the perfect pair of toms to take with me on vacation. Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Such a cute polka dot blouse! It took me a while to get over my dot phobia, but now I like them. xoxo

  11. Love the top on you. Polka dots really are a great trend.
    I love Toms as well. I have a pair and they are so comfortable.

  12. Love the multiple colors of polka dots. Seriously great idea, I have so much stuff - I just need new accessories to spice it up!

    I didn't know you were in San Antonio! My aunt's family used to live there and the bbq was supposed to be great!

  13. I LOVE your shirt and i also love your new blogger pix. You look amazing :)

  14. Love the sparkle! Those shoes are so cute :)


  15. Polka-Dots look amazing on u.Can give a break for few weeks.
    I love the 2nd pic.

  16. Polka dots are a woman's best friend too! :) Your top is cute! Just like Pallavini, I too like the grey one better! :)

  17. They never go out of style!

  18. Love the sequined Toms! (I know the post was about the top but the Toms stole the show!)

  19. I'm a polka dot gal too! Lovin' your yellow sandals..and your mom is fabulous also!

  20. The slip ons are awesome.
    I'm hosting a giveaway at my blog. Check it out!

  21. Polka dots are so awesome though :) Very cute outfit!

  22. I also love polka dots! But I don't seem to have such a huge collection of them in my wardrobe! I also love those sparkly TOMs!! Thay are so incredibly fantastic. I have mad shoe envy right now.

    Ce qui m'inspire

  23. I agree with you

  24. I do not want to stop wearing Polka Dots ... I meant I have to TRY to wear different patterns daily coz no matter where I look wardrobe is full of the DOTS! ... I love them of course ... but I just do not want to wear them daily!! :) But Thank you for all he love ... and I too am on a look out of these TOMs

  25. lovely lovely polka dots & surely digging the shoes.



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