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Movie Review - Rajneeti

Top - macy's [09']
Shorts - Gap [09']
Necklace - Gift [Mom 10']; Sunnies - Roberto Cavalli - Delhi [06']
Shoes - From Tehran [07']

On friday, I had gone to see the latest Hindi movie - Rajneeti [translation in english - Politics] We already know that I love movies and always try to watch them on Friday. I do not like to read reviews or get public opinion before watching the movie. I think that adulterates my thoughts. I like to watch it with a clear mind and form my own opinions and first response. I had blogged about looking forward to this movie back in April when the trailors had just started airing. 

So did it live up to my expectations? Well it partially did. I appreciate the satire of Mahabharatha intertwined with today's dirty-politics. It kinda has an undercurrent of 'history repeats itself'. The story is fast paced and has enough twists and turns to keep the viewer entertained. The performances are power-packed. Everyone fits their character to the T and the script and dialogues help them shine in their performances. Just special mention for Arjun Rampal [finally he can act] - man he looks hot in that crisp-white Kurta Pyjama. I couldn't stop drooling. Another mention for Katrina Kaif [who too can finally act!]. She has indeed given an applause worthy performance. [Not that everyone else is not worth a 'special mention' but only these two tickled my 'man-they-are-haawwttt' bone!] 

However, where the movie lost me was at its portrayal of women in Indian society. The two women in the movie are Nikhila Trikha [who is playing Arjun & Ranbir's Mom] and Katrina Kaif [she doesn't need an intro, does she?]. Both of them are shown as modern-independent women who 'ironically' have strong political views & ambitions. However, both are shown to marry a guy under pressure from their fathers [for whatever reasons, that's not important!]. I do not understand how can one be forced to marry? Who is forcing you to walk down the aisle? Who is dolling you up? Oh well, some might revert back saying that I won't understand 'coz I was born in a liberal family but when you see the movie you will realize so were they! The reasoning is quite a cliché according to me. 

Bottom-line : It has almost-nill dance/song sequence. Not 100% close to reality. At times over the top dramatic. Excellent power-packed performances. Worth a watch, purely for entertainment purposes. 

P.S. Above outfit is what I wore to the movies :o)
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