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Movie Review - Raavan

Raavan is an Indian movie released this Friday! I wanted to do it's review but at this hour [2:00am] back from the movies and after a long tiring day [and the movie didn't help either!], I am absolutely not motivated to even think about 'Ravaan' even for a minute more ... Simply put it's not even worth my time and sleep. So all I will say [before I hit my inviting bed] is that it's a huge disappointment specially 'coz I have loved almost all movies of Mani Ratnam [including his work down south!]

Aishwarya is the only saving grace as she reallllllly emotes throughout the movie with her gorgeous blue eyes [or are they green? ... can't remember at this hour!] and her absolutely clear glowing face [*envious.eye.roll*! Abhishek's acting is way-over-the-top and absolutely crap [really can't be bothered to sugarcoat right now!] and I didn't think that in my whole life I would ever say this but the only entertaining scenes of the movie were where Ravi Kishan was present !!!!!!!! [I can't stand him in-person! Mehh!]

[So let me get to the bottom-line before I fall asleep just recollecting this mehh! movie]

Bottom-line - Waste of time. Save your money. Need be - watch it on DVD.

This is what I wore to the movie
Shorts - macy's [08']; Shoes - From Tehran [07']
Top - Gift [Anita , 05'] (The neck detail is my favorite part of this top)
Necklace - macy's [09']
FYI - This is how happy I was before going to the movies ....