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Taj Acosta over at the Gorgeous Glam gave me my second award last week. This is what she had to  say about me: "Tanvi at The Fabulous Life of Not So Rich and Infamous - A tremendous writer, with divine outfit posts" which made me grin like a monkey. She has the most glamourous posts filled with gorgeous spreads from various fashion magazines [from all over the world]. She is always spot-on about the trends and what's in-what's out. She is a special blogger for me, personally, as I trace back the beginning of my blog's popularity with the first award she had given to me few months back. She is responsible for a lot of stuff I buy 'after seeing it being featured in her posts' *guilty!* Please do go over to her blog and check out the fabulous-glamourous-fashion! 

The rules with this award are to list 10 things that you love.
  1. Chocolates [Cannot get enough of them] - Ice Creams, Candy, Cake, Shake, ... everything has to be chocolate flavored for me. Up until [I believe] the age of 16 I had literally never tired any other flavor of ANYTHING!
  2. Shoes [Ahh! First Love!] - Love 'em! Love 'em! Love 'em! Every day is brighter 'coz I get to wear my fabulous shoes everyday. It's insane how many I own! [Nope, not telling you!]
  3. Holidays [Wish Life was a one big vacation!]
  4. Pictures [Vanity? Yes!] - I secretly wished I was a model, but never had the body! Now making my wishes come true with this blog :P
  5. Books [Only worthwhile hobby I acquired] - A beach + Unlimited Mojitos + Books = Perfect Vacation! :)
  6. Movies - This is could take a while ... I'll only say I love cinema. Period!
  7. Writing - I express myself better through written words. I just need a pen & paper and I will be a happy person.
  8. Talking - Yeah! I am actually gonna list it! I love talking ... with strangers, with friends, with absolutely anybody [as long as they are not stupid or intellectually challenged!]
  9. Cleaning - I have an OCD of having everything absolutely spick and span ... by my standards! My poor husband has to put up with it but he does a good job, I have to admit!
  10. Blogging - Last but not the least, the good ol' blogging. I abso-f-ing-lutely love it! I am addicted to it. I might need-rehab-to-get-over-it kinda addicted! Agree?
And to pass on the torch, I would like to give this award to 
  1. Dawn at The Alternative Wife - Her blog is such a sight for sore eyes. Always makes my day! She is a really sweet person as well. 
  2. Sonali at the Bollywood Style Diaries - Her witty take at Indian Celeb Fashion is quite a read. Love discussing fashion with her. 
  3. Suruchi at My Tumbling Thoughts to the World - Her stories from her own life are H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S. She is such an amazing person and a writer. Always look forward to her comments on my posts. 
  4. Pallavini at Intelligensia - She writes most heart-wrenching poems. They are soo good. I can't get them out of my head at times!
  5. Sovina at Wedding on the cards - She recently started her outfit posts and I am already in love with her clothes. Its amazing how blogging has made the world even smaller :)

Shoes - Spring [10']; Shorts - (You won't believe it) Walmart [10'] (for $5.00)
Top - Gift [From Megha again, 05']; Earrings - Gift [Mom, 10']

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