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A Bagel Date...

Not mine [husband's] - I am vegetarian
Heavenly Chocolate Pie
Me, with my mischievous expression [looks more like sleepy eyes, though :P]
Shoes - BCBG [08']; Pants - Zara [Dubai, 06'] Also worn here 
Bangles - From a local boutique; Earrings - Gift [Mom, 10']
Top - Ted Baker [09'] Also worn here 
I always try and wear my military print pants when husband wears these shorts 
[Cheesy I know, :P] 

I was about to give these pants away few months back, during spring cleaning. But then I saw that they were back in fashion! I decided to keep them. I desperately have to get rid of old clothes to make place for new ones. But my clothes never go bad and I do continue to use them. So how and why will I ever buy new clothes? Hence, my phobia for shoes. Shoes, make all my clothes look more fabulous than they actually are [my theory, go with it!] ;)

As you all can see I am addicted to blogging. I have been dishing out posts every-single-day for the month of June! [Woah! Never done that before!!!]

Everyday after finishing all my duties [?!?!], and work whatever time I get I devote it to blogging. That is, I believe, kinda getting on my family's [read: husband] nerves. When Mom was here, they wanted me to play cards or board games with them while all I wanted was to blog! Ahhh ... It's been like a tug-of-war-of-sorts. Also, since my social life had been quite active lately, I had an 'outfit' to post daily! I am thinking may be I should take a little break from blogging. [What do y'all think?

But that means I will have to dress shabbily for a few days so that I am not tempted to click any pictures. Now ... that's what's going to be really hard! How does one dress shabbily? ... I have no clue [Modesty out the window!]
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