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Back to Reality

Last Week I had told you guys that I was looking forward to my favorite aunt visiting me for the weekend. Well, she came on thursday and left yesterday. [I am all alone again!] I am a product of a joint family. My aunts [I have 3 of them!] were more like my friends than anything else. Mom was the strict one [back then] and they were all the 'fun' ones. 

My aunt who just visited is the eldest of them all and the one who indulged me with Nail Paints, Hair Braids, Lipsticks, etc when I was young [and was not allowed to!]. She was the one who took to get my eyebrows done for the first time [I was 16!]. I always loved spending time with her 'coz she always spoilt me rotten and gave me more importance then her own son. 

Spending time with her is like spending time with an old friend who knows all your secrets and has also seen you grow up [literally!]. She was the last lot of the family who were supposed to visit me this summer. Now everyone has come and gone. I am back to my isolated life. *sob.sob* At least, I have ya'll! Right? 

Phew!...Well, enough sobbing for the day. Back to the colorful outfits. This outfit is what I wore on Sunday while I was galavanting around [in the heat] with Aunt & Husband :o)

Dress - ASOS [10']; Belt - Came with a pair of shorts from Target [08']
Shoes - Nina [07']
Jumping with Joy [Dress also worn here]
Me & My Color-coordinated-Romantic-Hero ;)
Me with my favorite aunt. 
She is camera shy! This is the best shot husband could manage to get of her's
I have always been amused by her long toe-nails [Mine simply refuse to grow at all!]

P.S. I would like to Thank, Sovina @ Wedding on the Cards & The Mommy @ Twenty Little Toes for giving me The Sunshine Award last week. 

P.P.S. Also, a BIG Thank You to Suruchi @ My Tumbling Thoughts to the World for giving me the Your-Blog-is-Over-The-Top-Award

I am feelin' the love ladies. Best part?!?! There were no rules or tags attached ... Haha! 
Thanks, again!
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