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Back to Reality

Last Week I had told you guys that I was looking forward to my favorite aunt visiting me for the weekend. Well, she came on thursday and left yesterday. [I am all alone again!] I am a product of a joint family. My aunts [I have 3 of them!] were more like my friends than anything else. Mom was the strict one [back then] and they were all the 'fun' ones. 

My aunt who just visited is the eldest of them all and the one who indulged me with Nail Paints, Hair Braids, Lipsticks, etc when I was young [and was not allowed to!]. She was the one who took to get my eyebrows done for the first time [I was 16!]. I always loved spending time with her 'coz she always spoilt me rotten and gave me more importance then her own son. 

Spending time with her is like spending time with an old friend who knows all your secrets and has also seen you grow up [literally!]. She was the last lot of the family who were supposed to visit me this summer. Now everyone has come and gone. I am back to my isolated life. *sob.sob* At least, I have ya'll! Right? 

Phew!...Well, enough sobbing for the day. Back to the colorful outfits. This outfit is what I wore on Sunday while I was galavanting around [in the heat] with Aunt & Husband :o)

Dress - ASOS [10']; Belt - Came with a pair of shorts from Target [08']
Shoes - Nina [07']
Jumping with Joy [Dress also worn here]
Me & My Color-coordinated-Romantic-Hero ;)
Me with my favorite aunt. 
She is camera shy! This is the best shot husband could manage to get of her's
I have always been amused by her long toe-nails [Mine simply refuse to grow at all!]

P.S. I would like to Thank, Sovina @ Wedding on the Cards & The Mommy @ Twenty Little Toes for giving me The Sunshine Award last week. 

P.P.S. Also, a BIG Thank You to Suruchi @ My Tumbling Thoughts to the World for giving me the Your-Blog-is-Over-The-Top-Award

I am feelin' the love ladies. Best part?!?! There were no rules or tags attached ... Haha! 
Thanks, again!


  1. aww your aunts sound like amazing women!:D i also have three wonderful aunts but its hard to keeep in touch they are all in different countries :) your are so lucky! :D

    PS. LOVEEE the dresss!!

    -Sarah M

  2. Hello, I reached your blog yesterday and found it really colorful :). I really liked it so here I'm following you..
    Well you obviously look good,but when I saw your aunt's picture (whatever your husband managed), she doesn't seem like an aunt, she looks very young in the picture. May she is the perfect well maintained aunt and no wonder she taught the secrets of feminism ;-)

  3. Dress is super cute! So are the pics...and the way you and hubby color coordinate :)

    Hmmm...heres hoping you get more favorite visitors soon to cheer you up...!

    But with or without them, you are doin fab Tans...way to go :)


  4. hahaa i love the toe nails!! they ARE incredibly long...

    love the colorful dress, so perfect for summer and carefree :)

    <33 [v] hobovogue

  5. Sounds like fun times with the aunt who seems pretty young! :) I love the color!

  6. I love the matching outfits! Super cute dress. And the jumping photo is so great!!

    I'm glad to hear you had such a nice visit with your aunt! It's always nice to see family that you haven't seen for a while.

    Congratulations on all those awards too!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  7. I like this look much better with these peeptoes! Love your aunt too! She looks way too young to be your aunt!! :)Tanvi, you will also never look 'old', I'm sure!! It's in the genes! :)

  8. Aunties are the best!!! They always spoil you WAY more than your parents allow. Haha. I love being in a joint family! :P

    Also love the dress! And have I told you how impressed I am that you remember the years in which you bought all your items???

  9. Ahhh I love this dress on you! The neckline accentuates your fabulous shoulders.
    ...explains a lot... you grew up with all this fabulous women around you so naturally you are one!

    LOVE the action shot!! and you and your man... wow! Dynamic together!!

  10. I wish I could galavant around town in this much style:-) I love the pic where u are jumping and the dress neckline is so fab.. u and hubby look so cute...

    I know how u feel now that everyone is gone. Suddenly the house feels so empty:( But don't worry we are here. I don't mind visiting and taking pics of ur closet. I am dying to see how do u store/organize ur awesome collection of clothes, shoes and bags!!

  11. I'm missing my fave aunt all of a sudden ... you look so amazing in that dress ... you must've stopped traffic!

  12. So sweeet! Don't worry, I am sure someone might just plan a surprise trip :-p

    Love the dress! And you jump HIGH!!

    Don't let Ashish finish off all the fun photo shots without me! There will be nothing left for me then :-(

  13. Your aunts sound great!
    You look so pretty. The dress is gorgeous and I love how you and your husband are colour coordinated!

  14. Aww I love that you and your husband were color coordinated. Your ASOS dress is lovely and the collar is awesome (I really need to shop there more often!)

  15. Wow! I've never seen long toe nails. Lovely outfit of yours and your hair is silky as always ;-) xoxo

  16. Sounds like you had a great time, nice blog :)

    D E G A I N E

  17. Fantacies are fun but reality is what matters.You own a man who is the best as a companion.
    You both are great host.
    All of u r look fabulous.Aunt's feet are very attractive.

  18. wow!!! is she yur aunt??

    quite a sexy dress it is and hey your legs are so toned up...

  19. your aunt looks gorgeous and so do you!! Love the blue. So Lively!!!

  20. Lovee this dress! The cut looks amazing on you!

  21. Hi Tani...
    Did those legs always extended down your torso or I was blind before to not notice them?
    Totaaaaaaaally makhan malai legs...
    I wonder how many slipped with just a look at them...
    I also looooooooUve the cutely girly with a so-cool neck*of course that loud laugh pic with your aunt makes the dress look gorgeous even more*

    And your aunt...OMG...she has wow feet!

    You are most welcome honey for the award...wish it could be a reward instead...thousands of dollars to spend on all your fashion fetishes...but till I get filthy rich*pray o pray*...suffice with the awards!

    And yup no tags we keep the awards close and tight;-)

  22. This is such a sweet post! That's so wonderful that you have such a great Aunt. Isn't it wonderful how people can inspire you? I looked up to my Aunt too. She was the cool one :)

    Loving your outfit as usual. You have such great taste and I love how you wore the belt! And you guys are such an adorable couple :)

    Happy Tuesday honey! xoxo

  23. Love having family around.


  24. How many times can I say you look pretty and I love that dress. It's another winner.!!

  25. your aunt is pretty cool..i can tell by the shades & wonder she used to indulge the dress and the belt you have added..i too love shopping from target ...they have wonderful stuff.the color coordinated couple picture is adorable..and also..will get back on our mails pretty soon..just so swamped with work & apartment hunting these always stay pretty!!!!

  26. LOVE that dress! so glad to hear you had a great time with your aunts.

  27. I had an auntie like that growing up. She was super stylish and beautiful and I was always in awe of her. Loving your dress and what a cute pic of you and the hubs! xoxo

  28. That's great you were able to spend some quality time with her :)

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    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  29. wow, how do ppl in your family manage to look young and so ravishing! I am out and about saying it's the genes!!! :D mustve said this before, but I think this is a lovely dress! :)

  30. I have passed all your lovely comments to my husband and aunt! :) Thanks for so much love! ... Makes me day! Always :)

  31. A charming girl dressed in a pretty
    frock and matching ribbon and shoes looks much more beautiful.
    Family reunion is wonderful blessings which you have . your blog, dress with your pleasantest personalty is always great. Love keeps always happy .kumar

  32. A charming girl dressed in a pretty
    frock and matching ribbon and shoes looks much more beautiful.
    Family reunion is wonderful blessings which you have . your blog, dress with your pleasantest personalty is always great. Love keeps always happy .kumar


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