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Another Friday Night at the Movies

Friday night in our household [Me & Mr] means movie night. Luckily Hollywood and Indian Cinema have been dishing out movies back-to-back. But thankfully alternative weekend. So this Friday the two movies we saw were: 
  1. Grown-ups : As I am a little tired and sleepy [went for a run and workout at 5:30am! Yay Baby!] I do not have the energy to do a review but I will tell you this - it is a hilarious movie. A must watch for families. (On a personal note to God!) Dear God, if at the age of 43, after having a baby, if I am anywhere even close to as fit as Salma Hayek I will donate everything I own to charity in my will [of course upon my death...while I am alive I will need all that stuff to continue looking hot and fabulous like Salma, no?
  2. Knight and Day : Right after 'Grown-ups' we went to see the new Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz starer. This too is a great movie. Don't have tooo high expectations and you shan't be disappointed. After a verrrrryyyyyy long time I found Tom Cruise hot! I mean really haaawwwtt. Jaw-dropping Hott! and I do not think like that about anyone ['coz I am married and do not share such thoughts in public! Haha!] (Again, on a personal note to God!) Dear God, if at the age of 47, and after having a baby, if my husband looks even remotely as fit as Tom Cruise I will make him donate everything too! Promise!
And now since I have to head back to my pillow, 
I will quickly show you how I dressed, for the movies
Top - Ann Taylor [09'] (Also worn here and here); 
Necklace - ASOS [10']; Earrings - Gift [Mom 10']
Shoes - Faith [London, 05']; Belt - Esprit [08']
Shorts - Banana Republic [07'] (Also worn here)
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