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And We Run...?

We have been totally treating fitness as a step-child on this blog for these past months! It's time to bring it back, people. Fashion is all cool and fine but without fitness I wouldn't have fashion in the first place. If you are wondering - What happened to the pounds I had piled on in the past month [with all the travel and visitors]? Well, they are still there. Very.Much.There! Worry not, sexy abs, we are back in the grind and we shall kick this issue in it's butt now!

Earlier this month, I had mentioned that I plan to be a runner from now on ... And? I still do. Due to my 'busy-life' [read: social-life] I haven't been able to run for more than thrice a week [tch.tch]. But now I plan to stay on track. Leia from Leia's Delights has been a great blogger-friend and motivator. She is my new-running-buddy from across the continents who checks up on me, if I have been running or not. [I am trying, Leia. I am trying *wink*

Running is turning to be one of the hardest forms of fitness oriented activity that I have done so far. That, of course, is one of the main reasons why I want to nail it, so bad! [Love challenges! Can't you tell? :P] So after abusing my body [yet.again!] I have a plan:
  1. Be Real - Have to ensure that I eat enough calories to survive only, not any more than that! [For sure the extra pounds didn't pile up magically. It was all the extra-unnecessary food I was putting in my mouth!]
  2. H2O - Have been lazy in drinking enough water, daily. Time to empty the water bottles in to my stomach [What's the point in storing them in the refrigerator?
  3. Balanced Meal - Yeah! That was probably the first thing that went out the door as the visitors walked in. Society is just not good for my 'healthy lifestyle'. Only if I could leave all materialist desires and comforts and move to the Himalayas. But then sans fashion & society, I would have sans motivation to be fit [Catch 22, anyone?]
  4. Fiber - Time to embrace the fibre and kick the carbs [bad ones!] in their ass; i.e. Hello! Vegetables & Fruits - Bye-Bye Sugar & Chocolate *sad.face*
  5. Gym - Well, the only saving grace was that I did try and work out for at least 30 minutes/3 times a week [if I was in town] but now, with no excuses to give, I am thinking of simply moving-in at the gym, itself. [I hope they have internet there :P]
Sounds like one-helluva-of-a-plan, right? 

And while I am at it, I plan to set myself goals and deadlines too [for I work best when I am working against time]. So yesterday in a local magazine when I saw an advertisement for Rock'n'Roll San Antonio Marathan on November 14, 2010 I knew I had found my deadline. I have 4 months and 19 days [or total of 142 days] to train. Shouldn't be that hard. What do you think?

Go Tanvi!
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