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Wedding Fever

Clearly I haven't recovered from the wedding weekend, yet! It was that much fun, what to do? 

During my own wedding I didn't have any fun at all, as I had fallen sick [don't remember how, though??! Hmmmm]. I was hospitalized and discharged only 2 days before the wedding. At one point I had even threatened the doctor, "Make me well ... I don't care how! ...else I would call-off-the-wedding". Come to think of it, why would the doctor care if I got married or not? It was a good thing he is a family doctor and a relative too [:P]. Don't misunderstand me. I wasn't a bridezilla, it was the meds talking! Besides, I am allowed to be grumpy if I am that sick and due to get married in less than a week, aren't I? 

Anywhooo, it was a miracle that I made it to my own wedding, relatively hail & hearty. Although, I do remember there were talks of having a mini-ceremony at the hospital itself just 'incase' I did not get well. [Was everyone kidding themselves?] That was soooo not happening! I might have been under the influence of drugs but I was very much capable of starting a Violence Movement, all by myself. Never mind what Gandhi said!

So what I was I saying? Yaa, that I ended up missing all the fun *sob.sob*. While all my friends and relatives were down from all over the world and enjoying themselves, I was being poked with ivy and some crazy-drowsy meds! Agrrh! That's why I still believe I deserve a re-run! I don't know what vows I promised my husband, for I was clearly under the influence of drugs. Therefore, it doesn't count! Legit?

Well, I was over excited yesterday so I posted the Wedding Post before this but oh! well ... no loss. Here's what happened before & after the wedding. In between I have included the outfits for each occasion. [Do not want to drag my 'wedding' obsession for the remaining of the week :P]

Bachelorette Party

Top - Gap; Shorts - Miss Sixty; Shoes - Rack Rooms

Theme was The Saints - Who won the super bowl this year!

G for Giselle [Front of the shirt says "Who Dat?"]

Do we look happy for our friend? :o)

Rehearsal & Dinner

At the Church

Us, rehearsing our dinner for the next day ;)

Dress from Zara [Borrowed] Thanks, Elisa!

Shoes from RACK by Nordstorm

Post-Wedding Party

Top - Anthropologie; Shorts - Miss Sixty; Shoes - Rack Rooms

On our way to Pat O'Brien's 

And with this we have wrapped up all the outfits-of-the-wedding-weekend! I am going to miss 'All my girls' but hopefully there will be another one of us getting married soon and we shall all re-unite! Amen. 
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