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Tricks of the Trade

On one of my many sleepless nights, I was surfing through the blogging world[addiction!] when I stumbled upon this blog - My Silhouette - which I really really liked. It reminded me of when I had started blogging and the goals I had set for myself. In between, though, I think I didn't follow my own rules but thanks to Bess, I am back on track from here on, now. Here goes ...

1. Avoid The "Yellow Pages"
Blogging directories are a waste of time. Everyone wants more visitors, but it'sunsatisfying to look at page statistics and see just a bunch of random clicks. By not listing my blog on a directory, I can watch it grow through reputation and word of mouth. Having a few new stumblers everyday is much more exciting than 100 viewers just clicking through a directory!

2. Dress Code!
Less is more! The less skin showing, the more that is left to the imagination, which keeps people coming back for more. I've been turned off by so many blogs where the posts are just too long. Keep it short and sweet. The less I tell you, the more you'll want to know!

3. If I Don't Love it, You Won't Love It
You should love every post you put out there and want to read it over and over again. If you don't enjoy reading it, others won't either! Make sure you are proud of your post! Heck, if the post entertains the author, its bound to entertain others.

4. The Mom Once Over
Don't post anything you wouldn't want your mom to read. Avoid word vomit for a much cleaner page. This means swears, misspellings, and adult content. If my mother wouldn't be proud of my blog, I shouldn't be either.

5. Personal Lock Down
Do not get too personal in your blog for two reasons. First, it is not interesting to read other people's drama. Second, you blog is open to the public. Don't write about things that may come back to haunt you. Keep the personal things locked up in a private diary,not a public blog.

So do we all agree with her, or is it just me


This is a perfect example of how fashion keeps coming back and my clothes never go bad ;o) The cargo pants and top both are at least 5 years old [if not more] and since military print and nautica stripes both are in this spring ... voila! I paired them together. You like?

Cargo Pants - Zara
Top - Esprit
Necklace - Francesca's 
Shoes - Michael Kors

Have a nice Weekend, y'all!
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