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Too soon to repeat?

Gaon Ki Gori [loosely translated as 'a village damsel']
Pants - Sent by Smrithi [10']; Slip-ons - Gift [Mother-in-law 08']; 
Shades - Ray-Ban [Looks like I'll be wearing them this whole season]
 Top - Talisman [Delhi 07']
Ironing this top is always a pain but I do it 'coz I digggg it's back :)
Pendant - ASOS [10']

I wore this outfit again when we went out to a Middle-Eastern place - Gypsy Cafe. The same place [click here] about which I'd blogged a few months back as well. The pants are ├╝ber-comfortable and I couldn't resist wearing them so soon, again. Since I had styled it a little 'western' the previous time, I was hell-bent to style it 'ethnic' the next time I wore it. This evening turned out to be a fabulous one spent chatting non-stop with Mom, Brother and Husband about everything under the sun [read: gossip!]. 

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