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Refund, please?

Disclaimer: I am sick. I am grumpy. I use the words hate (thrice), detest, dislike and 'bloody' in this post. Probably my least 'positive' post ever. If you are having a good day, don't read it. If you do then don't complain, for you have been warned! 

I hate the visit to the doctor. Simply hate it! Detest it, actually! Why? 'coz ...

a) It forces me to face the reality that I am unwell ... a feeling that I absolutely dislike!
b) It makes me super-vulnerable 'coz I feel the doctor might know more about me, than I know myself. Also, 'coz he/she would be in my personal space [checking my breathing, heart beat, pulse, etc.]

However, what I hate even more than the visit itself is that when finally I manage to gather all my courage to face the 'bloody' doctor, he/she is not able to diagnose my ailment. Now what is that all about? Why are they the highest paid profession, again?!?! [Oh ya, 'coz they save lives!] It's not once, not twice ... this has happened to me enough number of times that different doctors [even in different countries] have had no clue as to what was wrong with me and kept prescribing me useless medicines [like I was their personal guinea pig]! And I can't even ask for my money back? No ... really! If they can't even diagnose me, let alone curing me - at least have the decency to give me a refund [and my blood back]! No? That's all the blood they sucked out of me...

While I was not in best of spirits, I did make a decent effort to look presentable for my Doctor's appointment. 

Jeans - Miss Sixty; Top - Macy's
Necklace - Flea Market (Ladakh)
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