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The Pink Wedding

I was never a girly-girl so I didn't ever have any imaginary 'perfect-wedding' ... but I always wanted [still do!] to get married in a church wearing a white gown with lots of lace and a longggggg veil! 

I am an Indian Hindu, and our bridal outfit means one of the bright primary colors and a walking parade of gold and diamonds [as many as you own!]. Don't get me wrong, I love our wedding customs and rituals equally but a white gown has it's own charm. It might have something to do with all the princess stories and western movies ... who knows!?

I attended my first Church wedding this weekend and it was oh!-so-lovely! A grand Catholic church, pristine marble flooring, beautifully carved wooden interiors, and a handsome groom at the altar waiting for his gorgeous bride [such a dream sequence come true!]. What I most appreciated was the planning and perfection with which the ceremonies eventuated [ Hindu wedding can ever follow an itinerary! Never!]. Everything was perfect. Everyone was on time. Nothing went wrong. The bride didn't run-away either :P 

Although we did end up high-jacking her limo. Flashback time again ... We were all informed that the 'Limo Bus' would pick us up and transfer us to the Church from the Hotel Lobby. For the first time, in the history of our 10 years of friendship, we all [5 girls and 3 husbands] were ready before time and waiting in the lobby [clicking pictures]. After few minutes a gentleman in a chauffeur uniform came and asked us if we were the the wedding party waiting for the 'Limo'? We all said, "Yes!". It's was a fully loaded real-ass-limo. We were all veryyyyy impressed [Obviously our friend was treating us as royalty]. Although some of us [cynics] did ask the chauffeur if he is abso-f-ing-lutely-sure that this 'Limo' was for us? We checked out itinerary again and it said 'Limo Bus', so we didn't argue much as we were ├╝ber eager to start enjoying our ride [with some more pictures, of course!]. Only after few miles the chauffeur received a call saying that the bride was waiting for her 'Limo'. Damn! We had misunderstood the 'Limo Bus' for 'Limo'. We all knew we were in trrr-ouble. Our friend was not a 'bridezilla' [thankfullybut this was something that would definitely turn her into one. We turned the 'Limo' back immediately to the Hotel. One of my very smart friends [Priscila] suggested we get-off the 'Limo' a block before the hotel to avoid embarrassment [and the wrath of the bride!] and it was a good thing we did [Thank God, Pri!]. 

Remaining of the wedding followed by the 'amazing' reception [with delicious food!] went quite smoothly, contrary to any Indian wedding I have ever attended before. In an Indian wedding everything happens in the reverse order and something is bound to delay it or go wrong [the groom wouldn't be on time, or the bride would be stuck in traffic, or some 'very' important aunt or uncle would be missing to do their respective duty, etc. etc.]. We first have the reception and food and then the ceremony, which is only attended by the few guests who have the will and stamina to stay awake till 4:00am [some have no choice! :P]. Where as here I noticed that only few friends and family attend the Church ceremony. Although the parents of the groom were a little late in arriving but that didn't affect the timing of the ceremony. Everyone else joined in at the Reception to party and celebrate their union with some music and drinks, followed by an 'after-party' for the bride-groom and their friends! 

It was so much fun that I think it's worth getting married again [to my husband, it self!] :o) 

The Beautiful Church 

Mr. & Mrs. Ruiz

Delicious Cake

Unfortunately, I was not allowed to catch the bouquet! 

Debbie 'The Funny Bridesmaid' says,"Life is too short to have one drink at a time."

The Beautiful ... 'Beautiful' Bride

I know it has already been a longggg post and I am not sure if anyone is still interested in 'my' outfit of the day after seeing the bride! Clearly, I cannot beat her gorgeous flowing gown but here's what I wore ...

Dress by Tracy Reese

Shoes from a Local Boutique

With my Handsome Husband

With my fabulous friends

A crazy moment with the Bride & Groom
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