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Phew! ... Finally :o)

Nice shot, eh? ;)
Dress - Gift [Aunt '09]; Cardigan - Calvin Klein [Dubai 1999]; Belt - Express [08']; Shoes - Tehran [07']

Pendant - ASOS [10']; Husband - Delhi [07'] Haha!

I love college campuses. I have been to a few on them while visiting my friends or cousins all around the world. I love the energy and the young crowd. Besides, I love people-watching [hobby!] so it's always interesting to see people running around, getting to their classes, grabbing a coffee, meeting friends. It's the best place to catch some 'serious-street-fashion'. Sometimes I even wonder how these 'poor' [pun intended] students have so much money [and time] to spare on fashion? I seriously didn't. 

Last weekend was my husband's Graduate Convocation Ceremony. He is 100% a Ph.D now [Yay!]. The above outfit is what I wore and below is what other guests wore [strangers!

A reallly old lady - I luurrvved her hat!

No Comments!
Really? For a Graduation Ceremony?
Now ... her I liked. You?
At least was venue-appropriate!

Wish I could take more pictures of the crowd [there was an interesting mix of people there] but we were quite busy posing ourselves and clicking my dear husband in his robe :) He is very 'picky' when it comes to his pictures. So I will have to take his permission before I post any of 'his' pictures! Till then make do with this mobile-clicked-shot which I know he approves *wink*

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