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Perfect Sunday!

Which-Wich is my favorite Sandwich place in the whole-wide-world. This is the sandwich to die for ... to lose battles for ... to miss airlines for ... to cheat for ... [oh! ok, that's a bit too much but you catch my drift, don't you?!Day or night - I can have this whole thing all by myself - any time - any where! We had gone for a Sunday morning hike and from there we headed straight to have this delicious medley of veggies & pesto & hummus in mouth-watering-crunchy-soft-breakroll ... yummm! [I am hungry again! Darn! It's closed at this hour!]

Top - Banana Republic [10']; Jeans - Miss Sixty - [London 09']
Necklace - Gift [Mom 10']; Belt - Gap [10']; Shoes - From Tehran [07']

After that filling brunch-sandwich we indulged in some shopping [and second day in the row I didn't buy a-single-thing *drum.roll*]. In the evening we chilled at Starbucks with some friends who were visiting my city with their family. This is what I wore for coffee on a warm-summer-evening :o)
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